Loose Cannons Race Wednesday November 12th

This race is not being held on the first Wednesday of the month as all previous Loose Cannons races have been. Instead it will take place on Wednesday November 12th. The finish line is PS14 as usual and there will also be a ladies arm wrestling competition & a cupcake battle later in the evening. As always $1 beers for bike riders until 12am & free giveaways. Winner of the bike race gets $50 bar tab. Sponsored by Vans in honor of their "Authentics : Cog & Chain" shoe release.

Race starts at:

MIA Skate Shop
229 9th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Get directions to MIA Skate Shop here.


Update: Video of August Critical Mass ride

This is sort of a revision of on an older post. A few months ago I added a few individual videos of the Critical Mass ride which took place on Friday August 29th, 2008. Tonight I decided to mash all the video clips together to form one amended version. Still of poor quality but better than the ones originally available.

"70 cyclists came out to this month's Miami Critical Mass ride. Critical Mass takes place on the last Friday of each month. Cyclists meet at Government Center in downtown Miami. The August ride travelled south on the right lane of US1, the group rode parallel to the subpar M-Path which is in dire need of help."


WPB : Freakbike Militia's Hair-O-Ween Crüz

West Palm Beach!

Wednesday October 29th, 2008
7:00pm at the corner of Southern and the Intracoastal.
Ride will leave at 7:30pm!

For more info: FreakBike Nation


Halloween Critical Mass 2008

Costumes are encouraged on this ride!

Friday October 31st @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

Get directions to Government Center here.


Firefly Bike Collective Fundraiser 10/24/08

Bike Collective Fundraiser at the Firefly.
Friday October 24th, 2008. 7pm.

Come enjoy bike games, music, party!

$5 donation or $3 if you bring tools, bikes parts or commute there on bicycle.

For more info: http://fireflybikecollective.blogspot.com

Firefly Bike Collective
219 NE 20th St
Miami, FL. 33137

Get directions here.


The City of Miami Commission passes bike initiative

Miami Major Manny Diaz along with City Commissioners and dept. directors rode their bicycles to Miami City Hall this morning. The City's Bicycle Action Plan [pdf] was unanimously passed 5-0.

Update: You can download a 16min audio excerpt from the commission here. Courtesy of Mike Alén.


Video by Mike Alén / Miami Herald Staff

Read more about it at Transit Miami & Spokes'N'Folks.


Ft. Lauderdale Bike Polo : Recap

My adventure began last night when I arrived at the Brian Piccolo Park velodrome only to be disappointed by the sign pictured below. I was later informed during bike polo that Broward County parks are now closed on Tuesdays. Apparently I didn't get the memo, I seriously considered that it was possibly an extended Columbus Day holiday. This is unfortunate for me since Tuesdays were my Broward night (track + polo). Fortunately for us Holiday Park is not a Broward County park & instead operated by the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Earlier this week SFDB called this the "Blog Most Likely To Put You In JMH For A Couple Nights". I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that title. We try to stay safe, though last night was no example of trying to prove him wrong. Bike polo can be dangerous... (hope you're feeling better Jeremy).

We finally got to play some four on four games since the Thriller dudes all built new polo mallets. The mallets came out excellent, now if only I can get myself to not cause further damage to my bike with them. The gentleman pictured below is not wearing that head wrap as a fashion statement, it's keeping his head intact & outward blood flow minimal.

The majority of the players had never played bike polo before. It was lots of fun and definitely more interesting now that we have extra mallets. Here's a video of a one of the games. Thank you awesome girl whose name I don't recall for getting some footage.

Check out the Thriller site for more pics from last night.


Tampon Tuesdays - Holiday Park 10/14

Reminder about bike polo this Tuesday @ Holiday Park in east Ft. Lauderdale. 8pm, bring a polo mallet & BYOB.

More info @ Thriller site.

Holiday Park (Roller Hockey Rink)
1300 East Sunrise Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

Get directions here.


Bike Miami : November 9th, 2008

Bike Miami is a forthcoming event modeled after Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia. I first heard of Bike Miami at last month's Green Mobility Network meeting in Simpson Park, it's just one part of Mayor Manny Diaz & his cohorts 'greener Miami' initiative. Keep in mind this event is not just for cyclists. Pedestrians, rollerbladers, runners & just about anyone not operating a motor vehicle is welcomed to explore Mary Brickell Village & parts of Downtown Miami in an automobile-free environment.

"Bike Miami will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 9th in downtown Miami. Flagler Street will be closed from Bayfront Park to the Miami-Dade County Courthouse. South Miami Avenue will be closed from Flagler to Mary Brickell Village at Southwest 10th Street on the other side of the Miami River.

It's free and no registration is necessary. Just show up. City officials recommend taking public transit. Bikes are allowed on Metrorail with a free permit available from any security officer at all stations. No permits are needed for Metro buses or Metromover.

The city is seeking volunteers to work on Bike Miami. For information on volunteering, the event itself and the city of Miami's cycling plans, visit www.bikemiami.blogspot.com."


Article in the Miami Herald concerning a 'bike friendly' city

Read the full story here.

The article touches upon the Bicycle Action Plan, future bike lanes, safety, etc.

Download map of proposed bike lanes. [pdf]

Most importantly the story mentions Bike Miami which is just 1 month away.


Miami Lightning Sprints : Recap

Last night I went to the Miami Lightning Sprints organized by Will. This was the 3rd sprints thus far since their kickoff in August. The races are usually held on the first Friday night of the month outside of the Miami Beach Convention Center. They consist of 1/4 mile one-on-one dashes, the matches are determined by drawing pieces of paper w/ names out of a pocket. Unfortunately for us there was a Funkshion Fashion Week show going on last night which made the races a bit unstable due to the abundance of drunk pedestrians & taxi cabs across from the convention center. There were 15 racers in total and about 30 people all together, a few cyclists invited friends/family & had their own cheering squad which was great.

Miami Lightning Sprints dress, pretty awesome.

This was my first time participating in the sprints. I went to the first races this past summer but arrived almost 2 hours late so I only witnessed the final round (Lancito VS Matt). I never made it out to the second sprints in September so I didn't really know what to expect. I knew Alex Fix & Ferny (Lancito) both won their previous races & they were most probably going to go into the final round. How yours truly ended up in the final round is beyond me, I wasn't even planning on racing until I arrived. My ankle didn't bother me during our ride to the beach from Vizcaya so I figured I'd give it a go based on that. Overall it was a fun event & I encourage more people to come out.

Here's a video of all the sprint finishes. It's dark & low quality as you are to expect of all my videos. The final round is very anticlimatic to say the least.

And the winner is.. Alex Fix


On a side note, I was stuck in heavy rains last night around 3am. When I got home I was trying to get the water out of my bicycle, nothing was coming out yet I continued to hear water swishing around. Turns out there was no water in my tubing and instead my Deep V's were moonlighting as fish tanks. Basically I got home at 3:30am and had to take most of my bike apart. The tubes & tires had to be removed since the water only seemed to leak out thru the valve hole on rims. Soaking wet clothes & bike disassembly, not exactly what I wished to be doing on a late Friday night/Saturday morning. I'm just glad I don't live in Seattle and have to deal with this 9 months out of the year.


Loose Cannons 10/01/08 : Recap

This was the first Loose Cannons race I'm in town for that I don't participate in since their inception January '08. I banged up my ankle a bit on Tuesday night in Ft. Lauderdale while fooling around so I questioned whether I could race or not. Though I'm still able to ride at a moderate speed I truly didn't feel that I could put in my all tonight. I decided to sit this one out & take some poor quality pics & video instead. I still biked the race route but I took off about 10 minutes in advance so I could be at the finish line before the winners. Enjoy.

The starting location of bike race was the Adidas store in S. Beach. Adidas was handing out gift bags that included wristbands, headbands, and the October issue of Paper magazine. A costume contest coincided with the race, the prize was a $200 gift certificate from the store. The costume contest ended in a tie. The gift certificate from Adidas was split between James (as a Hooters girl) & Sean & his tandem bike w/ blow up doll. Approximately 45 cyclists showed up, a pretty great turn out considering it was a Wednesday night & a few of the usual suspects were missing.

This is the first 'street' race in Miami I see liability waivers at. I don't have a problem with the waivers. The people putting on these loosely organized/unsanctioned races need to protect their assets/asses from lawyers, parents, etc. You are all responsible for your actions, but unfortunately some folks like to blame others for their woes sometimes.

Below is some very dark 'raw footage' of 1st, 2nd & 3rd place coming in at the finish line. It was a 4.7 mile race from S. Beach to PS14. 4th place came in over 1 minute later followed by some 40+ riders. The audio is loud & clear, that's about the only positive thing I can say about video quality.

The race results were as follows: 1st Ferny (Lancito Brazofuerte), 2nd Alex Fix (lost by a split second), & 3rd Angel (Thriller Crew). All three really stomped the competition.

Angel really must be commended for placing 3rd in this get up. Probably the only instance you will encounter a helmet advocate recommend a cyclist not to wear one.

Here's a small clip of a few of the cyclists after the race outside PS14.

Thanks a lot to Joel (IAmYourVillain) for hosting this event, Adidas for the giveaways , PS14 for the $1 beers, and to all the cyclists that made it out.

Pictured below is 1st place Ferny 'Lancito Bravofuerte'. I honestly think dude only won because of all his corporate sponsorship & Redbull. There's allegations floating around of possible blood doping too.

This race is held on the first Wednesday of each month. Winner of the race gets a $50 bar tab @ PS14. It's totally worth checking out whether you are fast, slow or just out to have fun & meet nice people on a cool ride. If you have a bicycle try to make it out next time.


Photos by Frankie Galland

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