Ocean View Rickshaw in Ft. Lauderdale is hiring:

"The skills that make the best pedicab drivers are navigation skills, athletic ability, and personality. If you have any one of these skills you can simply do the job. If you have two of these skills you can make money doing the job. If you happen to have a combination of all three of these skills you might be the kind of driver we are looking for and could go on to do very well as one of our highest earning drivers. Though many drivers can move the bike and learn where they are going in a few shifts out its the upbeat personality that we are looking for.

The bikes are rented out of our shop in downtown Ft. Lauderdale on a weekly basis. Drivers can come and take their bikes out at any time. Though most of our business is during the later parts of the evening when the city is out partying, it is possible to make good money during the day as well. Most of our rides are along Las Olas and the A1A section of Ft. Lauderdale beach.

The rent for one bike for the entire week is currently $75. You pay that at the begining of each week and everything you bring in you get to keep. Our best riders know that the more you ride the more you make while others simply drive a few nights a week. As the season gets busier and busier we do raise the rate per week but we always let the drivers know ahead of time.

We also have Ocean View Drivers at events such as Miami Dolphins games, UMiami games, the International Boatshow, and many others. Those events are a separate rate from the weekly rent but can be huge for our best riders.

If you have questions or think that you could be the next Ocean View Rickshaw driver on the scene please contact the OVR manager Brogan Graham and we'll set up an interview for the near future."