Friday, June 17, 2011

Miami Critical Mass : Friday, June 24th

Friday, June 24th

Government Center
150 NW First Street
Downtown Miami

We will be riding though Little Havana, The Roads, Coral Gate, Shenandoah, Brickell and Downtown. The route is available here, total distance 14.3 miles. It's strongly suggested that you print a copy of the map for yourself in case you are tardy.

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Don't forget to bring bicycle lights. It's the law!

Please read the tips & guidelines to help you understand what is expected of all participants on this community ride. Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own safety!

We will be leaving at 7:00pm sharp. If you arrive late you will be left behind, the ride starts & ends in Downtown Miami.

On the last leg of the ride we will be stopping at BAR for food and drinks. The group will pause there, those wishing to remain to socialize will stay. Those who wish to return to Government Center (just 1 mile away) will be guided back. Please clear the road and do not obstruct traffic while stopping outside the BAR, this is one of the few establishments which allows bicycles inside, just bring them to the back via the side walkway.

This Friday 6/24 will be our final time stopping at BAR for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately they are closing down on July 4th, we'd like to thank them for being so accommodating to cyclists over the past 15 months. We have already found a new afterparty location with food & drinks for our ride in July. Location to be disclosed next month.

BAR will have BBQ ready in the patio, $3 burgers & $2 hot dogs (vegetarian-friendly). They also will have $1 off all beers and well drinks for cyclists until midnight. Free pool table too. They are offering these specials specifically for Miami Critical Mass. See you there!

The Miami Bike Scene, in conjunction with BAR & Honest will provide local cyclists with FREE product and specials after Critical Mass. (Supplies limited) We'll also be showing bicycle films inside BAR. No cover.


  1. Contrary to the Bikely map, SW Flagler Terr. feeds eastbound traffic on to Flagler St. (which is one-way westbound from there to 24th Ave.) at 12th Ave. Consequently, if only two corkers are available for this left turn, the one covering the southbound traffic must also keep an eye on single-lane Flagler Terr. Traffic is unlikely, but must be accounted.

    The next intersection, SW 1 St, is one-way westbound. This requires a minimum of two corkers. (A steep decline from SW 13 Ave. limits the motorist's view.)

    So over a two-block span, a bare minimum of four corkers will be needed; probably six would be ideal.

    Next up, SW 7th & 8th Sts. These are one-way, three-lane,west- and four-lane eastbound, respectively. Both should have two corkers, but especially 8th St.

    Now the right turn on to Coral Way should have at least one corker.

    From there westbound, the usual two-way major avenues:

    17th, 22nd, 27th, & 32nd.

    Northbound on Douglas Rd./37th Ave., Alhambra Cr./SW 20th St., with poor visability for eastbound motorists should be the only problem.

    After the right turn onto SW 16th St., again we cross 32nd & 27th Aves., before a left turn onto 22nd Ave.

    A right turn onto Calle Ocho takes us across 17th, 12th and 8th Aves. All these should have one corker on each side.

    SW 4th Ave. is four lanes across Southbound. Traffic is intense here, comprised of impatient motorists, just off of, or anxious to get on I-95.

    After the right onto SW 1 Ave, there will be the 13th St crossing, the left turn onto SW 15th Rd. and the left around the traffic circle onto Miami Ave.

    We cross 13th St again and turn right back onto 8th St. As we turn left onto Brickell Ave., we should ideally have two corkers each at the south-, east- and northbound traffic.

    As we enter downtown, following the curve to the left, at least one corker should watch the southbound traffic turning left onto Biscayne Blvd.Way/SE 4th St.

    The problems along Biscayne Blvd. north out of downtown as the ride ends should be familiar...

    And lastly, the four-lanes across one-way north NE 1 Ave. as the ride ends.

    That's the West, not Eastbound on Brickell Ave.

  3. Unfortunately I'll be out of town. How can I get updates on future "rides"?

  4. No one should organize it so that it's not accused of being an "event" but many people are spreading the word that hundreds of bicyclists are planning to ride around South Miami on a selected evening very soon. Of course they should follow all traffic laws even if it ties up traffic for hours.