Miami Marlins - Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic

"Go green, get fit and avoid traffic all at once!" - Miami Marlins

While I strongly feel there's a need for better bicycle facilities surrounding the park (sharrows, bike lanes, etc), I still believe bicycling to the park is the best way to avoid traffic and parking woes. According to the Marlin's website there's bicycle parking stations available on the ground level of each of the four on-site parking garages. If you live within 5 miles of the stadium, I encourage you to get on your bike and give it a try.



  1. I went to the FIU vs Marlins game and traffic/parking was a nightmare. Worth riding from 10+ miles too if you ask me.

  2. I agree Joe, but my recommendation was more for folks who live near the stadium and don't ride regularly.

  3. Nice to know they are at least reaching out to people who want to ride to the game. Agree that it is much more pleasant to ride there if you are anywhere close. Planning on doing it for any games I attend (though used to do it at Dolphin Stadium too)

    If you're coming from the west, SW 6th street is a good option - a portion of it has sharrows and it also has traffic lights for crossing the major avenues.


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