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Please help the grassroots effort at in enacting the Aaron Cohen Law to Discourage Leaving the Scene of an Accident. They have created a petition via that can be found here.

The goal of the petition is to encourage the Florida state legislature to pass the Aaron Cohen Road Safety Act during the 2014 Legislative Session in order to discourage people from leaving the scene of a crash involving injury or death, particularly when it involves a vulnerable road user. The duty to render aid to vulnerable road users is critical. Vulnerable road users include: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, highway workers, first responders, police officers, and construction workers.

They need your help in signing and sharing the petition with as many of your club/team/organization members as possible both via email and via social media.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



  1. First of all, in places with high population like de tri-county area, I feel threatened most of the time. I can,t help it. I think that it's too easy to get a driver's license here in Florida. I spend a few hours driving every day and I see lots of people on the phone, texting, visibly drunk, or you name it, which in other countries is a serious violation. Probably with a combination of these facts and its solutions would also help to develop a more efficient public transportation system (For those who wouldn't be driving anymore, for instance.) Like in other places. Just sayin... and I know a little bit about this Sunshine State. (Sorry about my poor English)

  2. I love America, however, the U.S. does not have a "Best At Everything" patent. We have a lot to learn from what works in other countries. The car-culture mentality issue is further compounded in South Florida which is a worst-case 3rd world country scenario. The self-absorbed majority does not care about anyone else and the system of law is set up to protect the delinquents. This area could be a cyclist / pedestrian paradise, unfortunately, it's paradise lost.


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