Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miami Critical Mass : Friday, July 26th

Friday, July 26th

Government Center
150 NW First Street
Downtown Miami

We will be riding through Little Havana, West Flagler, Coral Gables/Miracle Mile, Shenandoah, Riverside, and Downtown. The route is available here, total distance is approximately 12 miles. It's strongly suggested that you print a copy of the map for yourself in case you are tardy or get lost. The ride will end at Grand Central Park for the "Magic City Bike Party, the park is located just five blocks north of Government Center.

Don't forget to bring bicycle lights. It's the law! We will be leaving at 7:15pm sharp. If you arrive late you will be left behind, the ride starts & ends in Downtown Miami. Rain or shine!

The Miami Bike Scene and Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association present.. "Magic City Bike Party"at Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami on July 26th from 8-11pm.

Join hundreds of local cyclists for a special Miami Critical Mass after party in celebration of the 117th anniversary of the City of Miami. We'll have music, beer, food trucks, and of course bikes. There will also be fire dancers, fire breathers, jugglers, and maybe even some stilt walkers. Admission is free and all bar proceeds to go to Grand Central Park for improvements and maintenance to the facility.
  • Music
  • Food Trucks
  • Beer
  • Dangerfun Sideshow
  • Magic City Bicycle Collective (Repairs, t-shirts, etc)
  • #BikesThatGoBoom (Bring your bicycle sound systems!)
  • Skate Park
The bike party coincides with the monthly Miami Critical Mass ride which will be starting as regularly scheduled at Government Center, the only difference to previous rides is that it'll be ending at Grand Central Park for the celebration, the group of cyclists should be expected to arrive at the park around 8:20pm.

The Magic City Bicycle Collective will have two tents set up with a repair stand, music, and t-shirts. They will demonstrate simple bike care and do minor bike repairs and maintenance. Buy them a beer, purchase a t-shirt or make a donation!

Bring your bike lock! The park is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Don't lose your bike by being careless. Do not leave your bike unattended if you do not have a good lock.

Grand Central Park is located on N. Miami Ave & NW 7th St, get directions.

Once again.. Miami Critical Mass will meet up at Government Center at 6:30pm as usual, and depart at 7:15pm! The group will ride about 12 miles and finish at Grand Central Park around 8:20pm for the bicycle party!


Please read the tips & guidelines to help you understand what is expected of all participants on this community ride. Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own safety! This is a very large group and you should all look out for one another.

Cue Notes:


  1. Hi, fellow riders and event organizers. Nice idea (Critical Mass), but you should definitely do this on Sunday morning, instead of Friday evening. At that time it's just too much traffic. It's extremely chaotic and dangerous for cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and anyone at that time.

    Instead of creating awareness for safety, you are really just annoying everyone in our community. People have to go to work or school, and it's not fair to them. Yes, you have a right to ride, but others have the right to not have their lives stopped cold by this event. I experienced this last month when trying to drive my car to work, and the parade of bikes is not just a few blocks long, like has been said by someone on the news. No car could move an inch for over an hour and a half, so it's more like several miles long. I was sad to see that poor man on the news trying to go to the hospital and could not get through!

    The event has become so popular now, and you have thousands of cyclists. Do the right thing and please schedule this at a safer time for all those involved, as well as, for those who are not. Safety is ALWAYS paramount, and you will still get the message out and everyone will have fun participating or watching you as you roll by. You may actually get even more riders to come out on a Sunday morning too.

    Nobody needs a crystal ball to realize it's only a matter of time before something terrible will happen to someone on a Friday evening. Such a small change in schedule, can do so much in protecting us all.

    Yours truly,

    A fellow cyclist

    1. I guarantee you more people go to church on Sunday mornings than to school on Friday evenings.

      Such a small change in schedule.. so changing something from a Friday to a Sunday is a small change in schedule.. riiiigght