Emerge Miami : Celebrate Diversity Miami (Video)

Emerge Miami's 100th ride rolled through local communities on Saturday, October 11th and gave participants of the ride a unique opportunity to learn more about some of the city’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods.

An estimated 150 cyclists attended the ride which kicked off Celebrate Diversity Miami, a new large-scale community engagement initiative aimed at promoting a deepened sense of connectivity between the culturally diverse neighborhoods of greater Miami. The group, departed from Government Center, and visited Overtown, Liberty City, and Little Haiti before concluding with a celebration picnic at Museum Park.

Along the way, riders stopped by Overtown’s Dorsey Park where URGENT, Inc. discussed several mural projects they've completed and the youth-developed app – Dorsey Detector. The next stop was in Liberty City where participants got the chance to experience a “KaBoom Park” that the Miami Children’s Initiative helped build for the neighborhood children. Riders made a last stop in Little Haiti to experience the recently opened Caribbean Marketplace before making their way to Museum Park for a final celebration.

Congrats to Emerge Miami on 100 rides and hopefully to many more. Feel free to join them on a ride on the 2nd Saturday morning of every month, check out their Meetup group for ride listings.

Here's another short bonus excerpt from the ride..



  1. Shout out to the videographer for the well done video

  2. Thanks a lot Emerge Miami for a successful 100th ride and picnic....See ya soon


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