Critical Mass is a cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month; its purpose is not usually formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets on bicycles.

Critical Mass is held in various cities throughout South Florida
Miami | Fort Lauderdale | Hollywood | West Palm Beach | Lake Worth | Key West

"All eyes appear to be on Miami Critical Mass and it’s time for participants to prove the opposition wrong. Everyone riding is solely responsible for their actions and should lead by example. If you see someone riding or behaving irresponsibly, then let them know it’s not acceptable. If you’re partaking in the ride, then it’s your duty to positively influence others. Ride safely and be courteous to everyone in the community, if you can’t do this then quite simply you are not welcomed. There’s no room for hostile, drunk, moronic individuals. There are a lot of great people on these rides, enjoying their city by bicycle for 1-2 hours on the last Friday of every month, and it’s rather unfortunate that a few bad apples can ruin this special occurrence for everyone else. To frustrated motorists, grab a bicycle and try joining the ride sometime. You never know, you just may experience one of the most fun, free, and healthy social gatherings South Florida has to offer. Please read the guidelines below to understand what is expected of participants during Miami Critical Mass." - June 2014

Disclaimer: The Miami Bike Scene does not "organize" or "sponsor" Miami Critical Mass.

Location: Government Center
Time: 6:30pm (ride departs at 7:15pm)
Distance: 12-18 miles (varies)
Average Speed: 12-14 mph

Rain or shine!

Participants are asked to keep a moderate 12-14 mph pace & ride safely. The group is rather large and can sometimes begin to stretch out, it's very important for the group to remain together and close any gaps in order to make corking easier, thus making the experience more pleasant for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.

Critical Mass For Dummies

Bicycle Rules & Safety Tips

  • Stay in the right lane, and do not ride across middle line on the road into opposite travel lane
  • Yield to emergency vehicles
  • No Headphones! While riding a bicycle it is illegal to wear a headset, headphone or other listening device, other than a hearing aid or instrument for the improvement of defective human hearing.
  • Safety Lights: Front & rear lights are required by law in the State of Florida. 
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk
  • Passing: A passing cyclist is responsible for the safety of the cyclist that is being passed. When passing ring a bell and/or say "on your left".
  • Yield to pedestrians and buses
  • No drinking of alcohol or illegal activity during ride
  • Do not filter forward past stopped cars at a red light.
  • Skateboarders, inline skaters and recumbent bikes are welcomed, exercise caution
  • Do not litter or vandalize any property
  • Stopping: If you must stop to check your bike, phone, gear etc please move over to the sidewalk when it's clear. Do not stop abruptly in the middle of the street with the mass behind you. You will more than likely cause a cyclist to hit you and/or swerve and hit someone else.
  • Always perform an "ABC Quick" Bike Check to ensure that your bike is in safe working order.

Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own safety!

Miami Critical Mass is not an "us vs. them" ride, it is not anti-car, and it is not necessarily a protest ride. Instead this is a ride that celebrates bicycles, encourages cycling & reminds drivers that they must share the road. There are a lot of new riders who just recently started participating and we need to remind them of this. This is intended to be a fun ride, you're encouraged to smile, wave at passersby, ring your bells & have a good time.

Miami Critical Mass is composed of all kinds of individuals, folks with dissimilar reasons for riding a bicycle, contrasting political opinions and different types of bikes, yet for one or two hours on the last Friday of the month they all come together for one common cause.. to celebrate cycling & to take back the streets. The group typically police themselves, leaving 1-lane open to traffic when circumstances permit, but as expected this is not always ideal as it sometimes gives impatient drivers the opportunity to weave around the group at dangerously fast speeds.

Avoid any altercations with drivers or pedestrians, if an irate driver honks or yells at you simply ignore them or just smile and say "thank you" and/or wish them a "Happy Friday". Maybe ask them to join us the following month?

Do not tap, touch or spit on any motorists' vehicles. Those corking should also not get too close to cars, if your safety ever feels threatened by a reckless driver get the license plate number of the vehicle, alert the proper authorities and immediately warn other members on the ride.

For the most part Miami Critical Mass has been very tame, there's been little to no altercations aside from the occasional tap on the horn from an impatient motorist. The majority of people lightly honking are cheering the riders on, same goes with pedestrians hollering from the sidewalks, the mere sight of an abundance of bicyclists on the streets of Miami excites them, it's a beautiful thing.