Below is a list of current weekly "open" group rides in the Florida Keys, the list is updated periodically. The goal is to have every "open" group ride listed here and providing a great resource to local cyclists which are looking to ride with a group and/or to tourists visiting South Florida seeking to do the same.

Keep in mind that unless marked "social", most of these are hard training rides geared towards advanced riders, racers and those that have group riding experience. Ride at your own risk and assume all responsibility for yourself and your equipment. Helmets and lights are highly recommended. Check with the sponsoring organization or bike shop for specifics about any rides. Some rides have no leader and are simply "pick-up rides". If you get dropped or have mechanical issues you are very likely to be left behind on some of these rides. Bring an appropriate bike in good working order, water, energy food, spare tube, pump & tools. Bringing a mobile phone and cash is also suggested. It's a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements.

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Disclaimer: Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport. The responsibility for each riders safety, fitness and the soundness of his or her bicycle lies solely with each rider. The weekly rides are open to the public and The Miami Bike Scene does not organize, sponsor, nor assume any liability for your participation in these rides.

A+ = 24+ mph (*Hammer Ride)
A = 21-24 mph
B = 17-21 mph
C = 14-17 mph
D = 12-14 mph

* These are approximate average speed ranges experienced in the pace line, sprint speeds can be considerably faster than shown.

Mon Day Night Rides
Location: White Street Pier (1899 White Street Key West)
Time: 7:00pm
Level: C
Description: Ride around Key West and lower Keys. 30-40 miles.




Key West Critical Mass
Location: White Street Pier (1899 White Street Key West)
Time: 7:15pm (Last Friday of every month)
Level: C & D
Description: Family friendly slower social ride around Key West.



Not on the list? Contact us if you wish to submit a ride.