New Bike Lane SW Miami

There's a new 2-mile bike lane in SW Miami. It's on 97th Avenue. It runs from Bird Rd. (40th St) to Sunset Dr. (72nd St). It has lots of signage, even the "begin right turn" warning signs, "bike lane (end)" signs, etc. All that's missing is the white painted bike lane logo on the asphalt. Let's hope more of these sprout up.



  1. Funny that half of that area has no sidewalk and the construction work kept the whole span from SW 40th Street to SW 72 Street closed for over two years and all they added was a bike lane on each side?

    There is no type of road bumps to actually warn drivers that they have drifted into the bike lane, and there is nothing to protect people on the bike lane.

    Every time I drive through I see the big SUVs and pickup trucks driving on the bike lane since these are the same folks that usually drive down the middle of the road and need two lanes in order to drive.

    I anticipate casualties as soon as bikers are actually using this road.

  2. The road was not only closed to add bike lanes. They had new sewage pipes installed in all that area throughout those 2 years & did extensive work. The bike lane is just something they added. They also added a median to the road & turning lanes. I don't think the bike lane work is complete (I hope not), they still haven't painted the white bike lane icon on the streets & there's none of the reflective road bumps that are placed above the white/yellow lines. I have used this bike lane, one complaint so far is that there's lots of rocks, debris, palm trees on the bike lane. I'm hoping for the best and assuming the bike lane work is not complete.

  3. Palm trees in the bike lane? I hope you brushed up on your cyclecross skills.

  4. I'll have to go by and check it out. Unfortunately most of the bike lanes here are pretty sorry. Good info.
    Keep up the good work.


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