Holiday Park - Bike Polo (Thriller Crew Edition)

I went out to Ft. Lauderdale last night to meet-up with the Thriller Crew for their weekly Tuesday nights of bike fun & games. I arrived shortly after 10pm to the Holiday Park hockey rink which was the ideal location for bike polo. The turn out was great, there were about 20 riders and some spectators. The night consisted of a few games of bike polo, foot-down, drinking, tricks & bicycle tomfoolery. It was 3am before I even realized it, time flies when you're on a bike. I wish there were more polo mallets available last night, I'm going to attempt to make my own mallet soon. I need some riser bars too as I was the only one with drop-bars which were a big disadvantage. All in all it was a great time.

I unknowingly disrespected the Thriller Gods by sporting a pair of gloves instead of just one glove. I was doused with moonshine & set on fire for this offense.

On a sad note my Cinelli - Unicanitor saddle cracked earlier that evening at the velodrome. It was later put to good use as a moving obstacle during the game of foot-down. "It's Italian!"

On October 7th the plan is to ride from Ft. Lauderdale to Hollywood. Bikes, beers, & ice cream? Should be a fun 19mi ride.

Make sure you check out the Thriller Crew site for additional photos & Ft. Lauderdale velo goodness.



  1. ive gone every tuesday so far and they keep getting better and better. i live in miami beach and im down to carpool with anyone in miami that wants to go tuesday nights.

  2. yeaaa, last night was fun. more people than last time maybe? good talks, good times, good people.
    thinkin' this will be a regular tuesday night thing for me. it's worth coming out for even if you don't live in fort lauderdale!

  3. yea yea boy! I want it to just get bigger and better!! More people equals more goddamn fun.come on out Miami


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