Loose Cannons Race Wednesday November 12th

This race is not being held on the first Wednesday of the month as all previous Loose Cannons races have been. Instead it will take place on Wednesday November 12th. The finish line is PS14 as usual and there will also be a ladies arm wrestling competition & a cupcake battle later in the evening. As always $1 beers for bike riders until 12am & free giveaways. Winner of the bike race gets $50 bar tab. Sponsored by Vans in honor of their "Authentics : Cog & Chain" shoe release.

Race starts at:

MIA Skate Shop
229 9th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Get directions to MIA Skate Shop here.



  1. what is a cupcake battle?

  2. a "cupcake battle" is like a bake-off.. contestants bring in cupcakes they made & judges eat them.. the cupcakes usually have interesting designs

  3. maybe i'm just blind or something, but i don't see it on the flyer...what time does this thing get started?

  4. race starts at 10pm.. get there at 9:30


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