Bike Miami Days 2.0 : Recap (video)

Unfortunately todays turnout to Bike Miami Days was minuscule compared to that of last month's inaugural event. This could be due to numerous things: the holidays, overcast skies, lack of promotion, who knows? I personally would have never predicted such a decrease in participation for todays event. I'm still dumbfounded by the turnout, at least those that did come out seemed to have a great time. Hopefully people come out in full force like they did in November for next month's 'Bike Miami Day'.

One thing I heard mentioned a few times today by participants was their discontent due to the lack of closed streets to ride on. I think bicyclists, rollerbladers, etc. want to venture out and ride through different parts of the city. The forthcoming January 'Bike Miami Days' is said to have a few added streets which will hopefully spark more interests in the event. Supposedly Flagler will be closed off westbound towards Lummus Park and along the Miami River. I hope the organizers of Bike Miami are not discouraged by todays turnout and continue to work on this event & bicycle awareness in general.

If you have any recommendations for 'Bike Miami Days' leave a comment. I'm interested to see what the reasons for you going/not going to this event are. Also interested to see what you think should be done in terms of promotion.

Also, thanks to Kirk Jewelers for giving out bottled water all day to passer-bys. That was very generous of your establishment. Make sure you stop by there the next time you're in the market for a new Rolex.

Here's a short video I took from 'Bike Miami Days'



  1. Exactly. I went last month and had leisurely gone the entire route twice within an hour. More streets please!
    I didn't go this time because I twisted my knee recently and still have a brace on it.
    I plan on attending again though, for sure.

  2. My wife and I went and had a lot of fun. The addition of water stations was fantastic, and the signs pointing the route were also very helpful. I'm gonna guess that the decreased turnout was due to the holidays. I do want the city to trudge on because it will take a couple of continued instances for the event to stick in people's minds. An expanded route will also help, for sure. Still, lots of fun.

  3. Looking at your video, there's actually a lot more people than I saw when I arrived at 1:30 pm, so it wasn't as few as I thought.

    I should have my report of Bike Miami up on my blog this afternoon:

  4. Exams. Seriously. Bike Miami Days is made up largely of students and families, who were either studying for exams, making sure their kids did, or doing Holiday shopping. Also, business participation was significantly less this time because stores are focusing on 'holiday' events. Lastly, the name change slowed our guerilla promotional efforts significantly - and press weren't interested in covering something they saw as redundant. Lame, yes, but January- here we come! *Thanks for the great video*

  5. Just wanted to share my other Bike Miami Days Reports:

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