Loose Cannons : Video

Here's a brief video from Loose Cannons last night. There's no footage from the actual race, just shots of the participants at Revolution (Coconut Grove) before the start & then at the finish line outside PS14.

Congrats to Alex Fix on another win.



  1. how about that fine specimin in the beginning with the white shirt and cutoff jeans? where can i get more of him?

  2. whoa creep alert. Awesome vid as usual, rydel.

  3. Good times as usual! Can't go wrong with bikes n' beer. We need to fashion a helmet mounted camera, so someone can film the dramatic in-race action. Also, don't scare off the potential female participants Davie!!

  4. You can't let Alex wear the helmet cam though, you won't see anything except for open road in front of him.


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