Miami Lightning Sprints : Video

Last nights sprints were fun, saw a few new faces and even some dudes on MTB's. The turnout was good and the races ran quick & smoothly. Thanks to Kayd for handling the double-elimination bracket & congrats to Alex Fix on the win.



  1. as always, great video, Rydel. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great fun! It's really good to see so many new riders in the Miami cycling scene, (myself included, as I'm pretty new myself). Out of curiosity, is it possible to add a forum to this blog?

  3. Video turned out great. It seems like theres at least 2-3 new riders at every event. Can't wait for the next ones! Rydell we should get some polo nights started in Miami!

  4. Arthur - we would have had a forum earlier but due to some domain issues it never went up, the forum will not be at this blog but ran by this blog

    a forum will go up at soon

    Alexg - find a good spot to play polo, then we can start fooling around with it.. preferably somewhere central so everyone can go without commuting too far


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