Bike Miami Days : Saturday, February 21st

Bike Miami is back, this time on a Saturday and in conjunction with Flagler Fest. They'll be an antiques market, classic car & motorcycle show, dog walk, yoga, rally and much more.

This month's event seems to have less to do with bikes, I still encourage everyone to come as it is a great family event.


For more info visit : Bike Miami Days



  1. Suffice it to say that if a car show (I don't care if they are static for the duration of B.M.) is held on the same street as Bike Miami, my participation with Bike Miami can be considered terminated.

    Vehicles already have the upper hand everywhere - cyclists must deal with ill-mannered drivers every day of every year. Bike Miami not only served as a car-free setting for both experienced and learning cyclists, but also as an event to uphold the laws given to us by Florida Statute 316.2065 - our rights and responsibilities as cyclists on the roadway.

    Leave it to the city to ruin that idea. Cyclist events do not mix with car events. Not even vintage events. Cyclists do not need more motorist encroachment, which this is. It is one thing to block off another connecting side-street for the event - it is another to plop these vehicles right down the center of Flagler.

    Need I mention the fact that there are hundreds of inexperienced cyclists at Bike Miami who can hardly keep themselves upright? I can sympathize with the vintage auto fans in this respect - I would be biting my nails about someone slamming right into my nicely restored fender.

    It confirms my suspicions - Bike Miami was founded and is run by people who are not cyclists, do not think like cyclists, and really could care less about cyclists. It's nothing but cheap PR for the city.

    In short:
    Get rid of the cars, or you can count on a severe drop in participation.


  2. The merchants on Flagler have to make money in order for it to be worthwhile to be open during one of these events. The bike crowds are not thick enough right now for them to profitably do so. Looking at the bright side of things the car show crowd will be introduced to the world of cycling and what the Bike Miami event is all about. When they see the easy mobility the cyclists have while they are parked on thier ass next to their cars I'm sure they would at least bring a bike out the next time.

  3. "When they see the easy mobility the cyclists have while they are parked on thier ass next to their cars..."

    You won't get any converts with a pissy attitude.


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