Cycling Out Crime!

Apparently cyclists are keeping criminals out of Downtown Miami. Thanks Bike Miami Days! Watch the video over @ WPLG Local 10 News.

Although this was a positive report, I can't help but find it pathetic how a family event like Bike Miami only gets media coverage when they put a crime spin on it. I know that the bulk of tv news is riddled with fear & crime, but every once in a while can they just report something 100% positive?

"Bring in the cyclists and kick out those criminals"



  1. step 1. underpants
    step 2. ???
    step 3. profit!

  2. Absolutely irritating report.

    So Bike Miami is, all of a sudden, a covert operation to use civilians - taking part of what they believe is a family event - as crimestoppers?

    Nice idea...if it was the obvious intention. Channel 10 can stick this report up their behind for all its worth.



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