Post Of The Week Over @ SFDB

Rick over at the South Florida Daily Blog sifts through and reviews most of the local blogs and posts highlights throughout the day. I'm glad he recognizes this blog because it helps expose us to folks who might not normally be aware of the cycling phenomenon taking place in S. Florida. Thanks

P.S. Where do I collect my prize?



  1. Nice job, Rydel.

    Some well-deserved recognition from SFDB--which is really one of the better local blogs.

    I hope you saw a spike in traffic.

  2. Been digging through your blog ever since SFBD starting posting about you guys. Very cool stuff. Down with the Critical Mass Rides. The videos you guys post are awesome. Fantastic music - would suggest you include some links to the bands so we can check them out.

    Pics, videos and blog reminds me of living in Colorado. Big bike culture out there up in the mountains and on the front range in Ft. Collins where I went to school. Inspired to get my rusted Specialized Stumpjumper off the balcony and tuned up again. The 35 extra pounds I'm carrying now probably won't help me, but what the heck, right?

    How do you post and generate interest in next Critical Mass ride? Would be interested in joining.

    Also added you to my blogroll at Brickell Life (

    Great stuff - I'm a big fan of what you're producing.

  3. thanks guys

    ChadC, I checked out Brickell Life.. good stuff

    our next Critical Mass ride is on Friday April 24th @ 6:30pm


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