Venetian Causeway Bridge Closed May 1st - 30th

Update : Transit Miami

The East Venetian Causeway Bridge will be closed May 1st thru the 30th, weather permitting. This is a safety issue for cyclists, runners, skaters & pedestrians alike who use the Venetian as an alternative to the MacCarthur Causeway. We need a safe corridor between Downtown Miami & South Beach.

Please join Transit Miami in asking FDOT (District 6) for a temporary barrier to be placed between the shoulders and the right-most travel lanes so that bicyclists and pedestrians may have safe passage between the City of Miami and Miami Beach during the month of May.

Voice your concerns via telephone or email to the appropriate representatives.


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  1. I don't really get what you are asking for - you want a barrier on MacArthur for the month of May? Or, is it possible to bike across the Venetian?

    I've be going across Jillian Tuttle. It's much better that MacArthur, because of the width of the shoulder. But, you have to always ride on the left shoulder, even against traffic, because there is no way to get off the right side.

    Man, this sucks!


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