Bike Miami Rides : Recap

Nice ride this morning with the Bike Miami Rides group. About 50 cyclists rode alongside City of Miami police officers through Coconut Grove, Little Havana, Brickell, The Roads & Viscaya. Aside from the strong winds, the weather was perfect.

These City of Miami rides are a step in the right direction. They help build confidence, community and encourage new cyclists to ride their bikes on the streets.



  1. Awesome. Had I not been out all night riding around South Beach for Sleepless Night, I would've been there as well. In December, then.

  2. Was at Revolution Bicycle Services today and there were people talking about the Bike Scene in Miami. We need to get more word out about the events. Perhaps get to our local Bike Shops and post up flyers to promote and vamp up awareness. People young & old, seem to be excited about getting on their Bikes. Great Work guys & gals, keep it up!

  3. Clockcycle.. I left some Cranksgiving + Lance Armstrong STAGES fliers at Revolution + numerous other bike shops on Friday.

    Did you not see those today?


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