Busway Sprints in The Miami Herald

Miami Bike Scene & Busway Sprints were mentioned in the Monday, November 9th edition of The Miami Herald, a blurb titled "Best of the Blogs" in section B.

Note: Love the Ralph Kramden reference, but next time the Miami Herald should use a proper photo of Jackie Gleason depicting the ill-tempered bus driver, not one of him sporting a ship captain's cap.

BTW, the link provided (http://tr.im.EgU0) is invalid.

Busway Sprints this Friday the 13th!

Thanks to Kurt Kaminer for the scan of the newspaper.



  1. damn rydel you have some bad luck with herald links! I'm glad to see something I helped start up is getting bigger. This is richard btw rydel, see you soon

  2. Hey Richard.. see you in December

    Busway Sprints hasn't gotten bigger, the blog is what's gotten more popular. Busway Sprints has been defunct since July, though back like Jason Voorhees today!

  3. Went to see "busway sprints" on Frday night last at the location pulished in the Miami Herald. There was nothing going on, not a soul, not a bike to be seen any where. Can someone tell me what is happening? It's a bit late for April fool's.

    Mike King

  4. there were about 10 people there from around 8:35-10:30pm so you possibly went to the wrong location


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