Bike Miami Rides : Cancelled

The Bike Miami Rides / TACOLCY Bike Club ride was cancelled this morning due to the weather. It has tentatively been rescheduled for January 30th. More details TBA.

This important news was not on the Bike Miami Days Twitter / Facebook. However I did receive a message from the Emerge Miami Meetup group at 7:20am.

The comment below was left by a displeased member on the Meetup Group event page, ironically enough this was the only group to send a cancellation message out.

"I went to the event regardless of the weather 10:00 am sharp and no one showed up! A notice of cancellation would of been very much appreciated." - Aaron

I guess not everyone in the group received the message.



  1. despite the ride being cancelled there probably should have been people there assocaited with Emerge or one of the other participating groups to inform people who don't check their e-mail before heading out.

    I wondered this when I got that ONE e-mail.

  2. I got two emails, one from the meetup group (Collin) at around 7am and a second notice from the Emerge Facebook group (Leah) at around 8am. This is why it's important to RSVP.

    Given the unusual weather conditions in Miami, it would make sense to check mail before heading out. At least, I know it makes sense to me. :)

  3. MrSunshine561 you should keep in mind that not everyone who goes to these events is a part of that Meetup Group and even less folks are fans of the Emerge Miami Facebook group.

    This was a joint ride, all three parties involved particularly Bike Miami Rides should have spread the word since it was mostly marketed as a BIKE MIAMI RIDES event. (see flier)

    Basically what I'm trying say is.. if you're on Facebook / Myspace / Twitter / Meetup etc and have important news to spread you should treat all your media outlets equally. Bike Miami Rides Twitter & Facebook & blog should have spread this news early this morning.

    And Premitive states a valid point, some of these people don't check email.. but most important some don't even belong to any of these groups.

    Also while it's a bit unfair to expect someone to wait at the starting location, an alternative to that would be to leave a sign. Though I would admit the lack of anyone there would be a good indicator that the ride is cancelled.

  4. Valid points, Rydel. Speaking for myself -and only for myself- I thought the unusual weather did warrant for some sort of double checking. So I'm grateful to the Emerge folks as they saved me a wasted trip.

    I honestly don't pay attention to Bike Miami or their page. With the change in leadership at the City of Miami, it seems to have been abandoned.

    I concur that particular party dropped the ball and perhaps some sort of on-site notice would have helped. However, I can't help but notice that the only complaint so far, came from somebody with access to the meetup group, of which Prem, you and I are also part and evidently, all of us got notice with sufficient time.

    Just my observations.

    Eddy S.

  5. One look outside yesterday was enough for me to throw in the towel. You have to be pretty hardcore to want to go biking in those conditions.

  6. Looking at the unusual weather conditions, I double checked as well. I got two emails informing me of the cancellation.

    Being it was probably a last minute decision to cancel the event so early in the morning, I am sure that it was an honest mistake to overlook some media outlets.

  7. Collin says -
    We didn't want to cancel the ride at all. I didn't actually believe it would rain non-stop freezy rain all day. Rydel is right, I missed cancelling the ride on the Bike Miami Blog, and unfortunately the site is bureaucratically difficult to update last minute.
    On the Emerge side, Flash from the Wallflower Gallery was at the meeting place and said he saw no one, and even asked the Metro-Rail guard if he had seen any bikes and was told no, he waited a half hour.
    Over at the TACOLCY center Roger Horne was there, granted he was not standing out in the rain, but he was there for anyone who made it out there.
    We are rescheduling the ride and you can see it's already on BMS calendar for January 30th 10am, we'll be meeting at the TACOLCY center.
    But you are right, when cancelling a ride we need more out reach, thing is it was the first ride in over 3 years that we ever cancelled.


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