Christophe Le Canne Memorial Ride : Photos

An estimated 2500 cyclists along with friends and family of Le Canne attended the memorial ride this morning. Never in my life have I seen so many people on bicycles, unfortunately it was under these circumstances. Most attendees claim it was the largest turnout of cyclists at any S. Florida event thus far. The ride was safe and went without incident. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support.

"The journey is the thing!" - Christophe Le Canne / Homer

If you have photos from the ride you are encouraged to add them to the Facebook event page. There's already over 200 photos up.

Memorial Ride in the news:

CBS4 (video)
Miami Herald
Miami New Times



  1. Great Ghost bike. Wish I could have been there. This Friday we ride in his memory. Brevard County Critical Mass.

  2. What a bright soul: "The journey is the thing"

  3. the ghost bike was beautiful and so was the ride.

  4. thanks to Miami Dave on for the additional photos

  5. The ghost bike is beautiful, haunting, as it should be, Rydel. A quiet heartfelt memorial to Mr. Le Canne. May it be our last.

  6. I'm crying over this, it breaks my heart every time I have to read about another cyclist killed by some idiot. The streets of NYC are dotted with ghost bikes and I saw more as I traveled along the east coast to North Carolina this summer. Simply senseless. This ride is inspirational, I hope the SoFla bicycling community lobbies hard for better and safer conditions for cyclists. I don't live in Miami any more but know that biking there can be awe inspiring, when you're not dodging cars. Keep up the great work, your efforts will pay off.


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