Miami Police : Speed Enforcement on Rickenbacker

There was a heavy Miami Police presence at a speed trap on Hobie Beach Thursday (1/21) afternoon. Officers were first pulling over speeding vehicles exiting the Key, they then proceeded to the other side and began stopping incoming traffic exceeding the speed limit. I saw a handful of lead foot drivers being pulled over & ticketed, however I did witness a black/dark gray Porsche speed up the William Powell Bridge at an estimated 80mph while the police were in plain view just on the opposite side of the causeway.

This speed trap is a direct response due to the pressure being applied by cyclists and pedestrians alike who use the Rickenbacker Causeway and do not feel safe. The tragic death of Christophe Le Canne has really struck a nerve with the community and rightfully so. Demand change now because we don't know for how long we'll have their attention.

Let your commissioners and FDOT representatives know you're concerned and ask them what they are doing to make the roads safer.

I, personally call for a slower speed limit and/or actual enforcement of the present limit, wider bike lanes (particularly past the Seaquarium when heading into the village), and better signage. However, I object to a barrier wall as a few have suggested. A barrier wall is too costly & may in fact cause more injuries, no serious cyclist will feel comfortable riding in between two barriers. The thought of it alone makes me uneasy.

Here's a brief clip, sorry no actual footage of someone being pulled over.



  1. Agreed. Consistent enforcement and traffic calming would have the most immediate effect.

    Improvements in some sections are definitely needed. I have mixed feelings about the barrier. I can see how many would feel safer with a barrier at least on the bridges.

    But somehow I also feel a barrier would perpetuate the "separation" when we're trying to increase awareness of cyclists on the road...


  2. I agree about the barrier. We have a right to the road, and we exercise that right to pass slower cyclists or dangerous cyclists that can't hold a straight line, if you trap the faster cyclists in with the recreational cyclist, it'll lead to more accidents between bikes, less people riding, or people completely avoiding the bike lane and just riding on the road.

    as for speed control, i don't know what would work beyond more enforcement and higher fines. you can't realistically put in speed bumps on that road, traffic circles are a nightmare in miami because most people are ignorant to how they work. more enforcement, more signs showing the speed limit, double fines, and those mobile radar carts to show people how fast they're going might help.

  3. I have to agree, as I read and thought about a double barrier wall, I just imagined my knees. Seriously all riders don't go the same speed, would make it hard for safely passing and what not..

    I have seen some sort of metal tracks or speed bumps suggested as options and on pictures for proposed bike lane separation in NYC that could be an option?


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