MIA / NYC Solidarity Ride

Sunday, February 7th 2010
2PM @ Government Center

A phone call will be placed to the NYC cyclists hosting the tribute ride at 2:10pm. It's going to be very cold in NYC (high of 28F, plus snow the day before) yet they are doing this in solidarity to us. This concurrent ride in Miami is a thank you to them.

Here's the route. Distance 13 miles.

This is a good ride to meet other concerned cyclists and another opportunity to visit the Christophe Le Canne memorial on the Bear Cut Bridge if you were not able to attend in January.

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  1. PEOPLE! Remember that tomorrow is super bowl day! Just came back from a 30-miler around Miami and it is already very busy in the downtown area and this was at 8AM. There is going to be LOTS of activity in the downtown area and it is certain to be filled with drunk tourists and the usual knuckle-dragging, Ed Hardy wearing sloths that grace our fair city. Wear your lids and RIDE SAFE.


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