Proposed Ghost Bike Relocation

The Public Works Department wants the input of local cyclists concerning the relocation of the Le Canne 'ghost bike' which was removed from the Bear Cut Bridge earlier this month.

It has been stated that the memorial can no longer be on the Bear Cut Bridge, and cannot be visible from the road as it can pose a distraction to motorists. The PWD has offered to relocate the 'ghost bike' to the entrance of Virginia Key (Arthur Lamb Jr Rd), just outside their office. They have been cooperative and are willing to place the bicycle near a garden about 250ft from the Rickenbacker Causeway. I have personally discussed other options with PWD and have not been successful, mostly due to their concerns over liability. I have given it some thought and based on the factors presented before me am not against the proposed relocation, however if it were solely up to me it would remain on that bridge.

Please call the PWD Rickenbacker Causeway Division at (305) 361-2833 and let them know your suggestions concerning the relocation of the bike. They are trying to reach out to the local community and want to hear your recommendations.

For reference I've provided a short video clip of the proposed site:

Below is a photo of the area:

This was the official response sent to those who inquired about the removal last week:

"On Monday February 8, 2010, the bicycle which had been hung on the railing of the Bear Cut Bridge, for fallen cyclist Christophe Le Canne was carefully removed and placed in safe storage at the Public Works Department’s Causeway Maintenance Office. It has not been damaged or discarded, as we certainly understand the sentiment behind the installation, and no disrespect was intended. Please be advised that the family of the fallen cyclist was contacted by the Department in order to offer them the bicycle which needed to be removed to avoid any potential injuries, however the family respectfully declined to accept it.

This bicycle had been chained to the railing along the Bear Cut Bridge multiple-use path, without notice or prior approval by PWD and protruded into the pathway which could cause injury to a non-motorized path user. We are certain the parties responsible for the installation of this memorial never intended to create a path obstruction to the pedestrians or bicyclists, but that could be the unfortunate result. Please note that prior to the Memorial Ride, on Friday January 22, 2010 a permanent memorial marker was attached to the bridge at the point of the accident by the Public Works Department (see picture below).
The Public Works Department is committed to working with representatives of the bicycle organizations to review possible locations for the placement of the bicycle memorial. A meeting will be scheduled with said representatives and County staff in order to discuss a suitable and safe location.

Thank you,
Esther Calas, P.E., Director
Public Works Department
111 NW First Street, Suite 1610
Miami, Florida 33128
Phone: (305) 375-2960
Fax: (305) 375-3070
"Delivering Excellence Every Day""


Here's a video by Meaghan Wilbur of the Ghost Bikes Film Documentary Project (highly recommended)



  1. Not for nothing but, isn't one of the purposes of a ghost bike to let motorists know there are cyclists about? I.e., shouldn't they be able to SEE it??

    If that's a distraction then what isn't?

  2. utter bullshit.
    while I would rather have it put up there than thrown away, a ghost bike is many magnitudes less distracting than any advertisements on a BUS STOP or a large road-side sign.
    It's white, and not bright.

    When I take a 3 or 16 bus I watch for the ghost bike left after rodolfo rojo. it's dark, and barely noticeable to a person speeding by on biscayne boulevard.
    sometimes i forget to look. I remember the next time and feel bad a little. and then look for it again.

  3. Distract drivers? They allow bus shelter advertisements, among other public ad space - that's completely disingenuous. We can't let them hide it.

  4. That's why we need to call, even though it seems they may have already made up their mind.

    I find the little banners on the light poles announcing the Seaquarium and the museums far more distracting.

    I find it interesting that the proposed location is on a side road which few people access... Could be more of an image rather than "safety" concern.

    Perhaps it's Miami-Dade county bowing its head to the Village of KB as in the speed issue...

    I guess I have a tendency to go with the "conspiracy theory" train of thought.

    Perhaps I'll suggest hanging the ghost bike from a light pole. It certainly doesn't seem to be a problem for little banners and christmas decorations.


  5. Perhaps they would erect a supporting structure from the concrete center divider across from the incident site and permanently attach the ghost bike to that. The bike would then be visible to travellers in both directions as well as "out of the way".
    The PWD argument about the bike being a distraction doesn't hold water. Motorists NEED to learn to see bikes. When I drive there are hundreds of things constantly vying for my attention. Of course, other human beings get priority.

  6. Get out and write to the PWD about this!

    Here are the points I emphasized in my email:

    - We all agree that the Key Biscayne area should always strive to stress safety as well as consider all people who regularly travel the area.

    - The new location does not address any of these issues that we are trying to solve.

    - The ghost bike should be placed near the area where the incident occurred, but also should be in view of the motorists and bicyclists that travel near the area.

    - It is not a distraction, especially when you consider that there are already advertisements on the bus stop and large road signs along the way.

    - What harm could occur by not placing the ghost bike and essentially mask to the public what happened at that location?

    - It was thousands of people that came to the memorial. We have yet to have heard of anyone in the community who objected to the ghost bike.

  7. I was contacted by the PWD today. Mike Bauman was a great guy to talk to and he and other PWD employees are bikers on the causeway. They are actively looking for a bike location we can agree on.

    If you can think of a good spot, offer a suggestion. I suggested to have it at least on the bridge, but on the opposite side of the rail. Apprently there was another side of the bridge they were considering. So they are reaching out to look for a good spot to benefit everyone.


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