Bike Miami Days | Orange Bike Parade : Video

Great turnout at Bike Miami Days / Orange Bike Parade yesterday morning. Coconut Grove once again proved to be the ideal location for Bike Miami Days, it was a fun family event that allowed bicyclists and pedestrians to safely enjoy the area. This was the first Bike Miami Days under Mayor Tomás Regalado, and the 2nd Annual Orange Bike Parade for the local dutch community.

There was plenty for kids to do and free entertainment for everyone. Some children played in a bounce house, others rode bicycles through an obstacle course, and younger ones experienced the event from the trailer off their parents bikes.

Below are a just few other attractions and services at the event:

  • Jungle Island brought a few birds, a python and baby alligator for show and tell.
  • Youth Bike provided free bicycle repair service and encouraged kids to draw bicycle safety propaganda.
  • Green Mobility Network provided Bike Valet.
  • A Gavioli fair organ playing tunes from an early 20th Century Renault truck.
  • The Netherlands Consulate raffle included great prizes and the winner of the Bike Decorating Contest took home a Gazelle bicycle.

Here's a video from the event:

Thanks to the City of Miami, Mack Cycles, M.O.S.T. and all the sponsors and volunteers who made this possible. Special thanks to the Netherlands Consulate for the FREE orange "Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike!" t-shirts supplied to the masses!



  1. It WOULD have been nice had the roadblocks been set up properly. Barriers had been placed at the intersection of Grand and Main, despite the fact that the ride continued through the intersection and onto these two roads.

    PSA protection was minimal - automobiles were constantly filtering onto the route from the turnabout at McFarlane (the opposing "lanes" of motorist traffic had been split, but the return (southbound) traffic had no barrier between it and BM), and westbound on Grand.

    What's more, PSA/City of Miami traffic enforcement vehicles were parked on the median wherein McFarlane bends to the east and becomes South Bayshore, blocking off visual sight-lines and physical room. Its bad enough that other cyclists use this area to hold coffee klatches and often cut the apex of the curve whilst coming through it (what surprises me is that I've yet to see a head-on collision at this area), a Ford Explorer parked in this area (half on the road, half on the curb) doesn't help.

    Obviously, very little care was put into organizing this particular Bike Miami. Frankly, I don't care whether they have another or not. I feel safer when riding cars in a NORMAL setting, rather then playing Cyclist Frogger at one of these events.

  2. I have to agree there were a few areas that weren't thought out completely. I like Bike Miami better when it's held in Downtown and Brickell. There's a bit more organization and more activities for participants and spectators to enjoy.

    Looking on the bright side... at least the weather was nice to ride.


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