Miami named #44 Best City for Biking

According to the May issue of Bicycling magazine, Miami has been named the #44 Best City for Biking and is now one of five up-and-coming cities.

"In less than two years, Miami has gone from being one of the worst bike cities in America to one that strives to be one of the best. Former mayor Manny Diaz hired the city's first bike-ped coordinator, and the city has hosted a number of ciclovia events. New bike lanes, sharrows and trails are in the works."

Congratulations Miami, you certainly have shown some improvement, but don't let it go to your head because you still have a very long way to go.

Top 5 Best Cities:

#1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
#2 Portland, Oregon
#3 Boulder, Colorado
#4 Seattle, Washington
#5 Eugene, Oregon

Worst Cities:

Birmingham, Alabama
Jacksonville, Florida
Memphis, Tennessee

5 Rising Stars:

#8 New York City
#17 Albuquerque, New Mexico
#23 Long Beach, California
#39 Cleveland, Ohio
#44 Miami, Florida



  1. you can't have a "worst of list" without including Florida

  2. Strange. I saw a lot of bikers in Memphis. There was even a Bikes Not Bombs, all-day event going on while I was there. It seemed like a pretty big community.

  3. While Memphis may have a cycling community/bike scene I'm pretty sure most there are unhappy with the bicycle facilities provided. I observed roads in very poor condition with narrow lanes, speeding motorists, and lack of bike lanes while there.


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