Riding too far right?

Check out this animation displaying all the hazards cyclists face when riding too far to the right.

via CyclingSavvy.org / Commute Orlando
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  1. This is a joke, right????

    If not, it's the biggest crock...

  2. Now contrast this idiotic cartoon the application of reason to real life situations:


  3. the savvy cyclist gets honked and yelled at endlessly and has people try and sideswipe them on purpose.

    sucks but its true :P

  4. As contrast to this idiotic cartoon, a rational approach to real life situations:



  5. I think it's great - thanks for sharing. These visual cues are helpful for people newer to bicycling and the animation is something we're trying to get into police trainings across the state.
    The more we share these the more incentive Keri has to continue to create and improve them. Thanks, Rydel.

  6. Those of us who've been riding this way for years will tell you, "No, this is not a joke." It works. We have much less trouble on the road than our fellow cyclists who tend to hug the edge.

  7. Robert you call this cartoon a joke, idiotic, and a crock but then you post up Joey Brooks videos? That guy is the biggest tool and gives cyclists everywhere a bad name. I use the methods shown in the cartoons and try to encourage others to do so as well.

    Taking more of the lane, I rarely get passed to close, when I ride close to the right everyone tries to pass me without crossing the yellow, even box trucks.

    I rather get yelled at than ran over, doored, or hooked.

  8. I've found that riding half way between the center of the lane, and the side of the lane is the sweetspot (as opposed to hugging the side).

    Most drivers are probably annoyed but won't try to pass you, b/c with oncoming traffic its impossible.

    If there is no traffic, I've found they veer well into the other lane, and treat you more like a car / motorcycle than a bicycle.

    Useful cartoon...

  9. Mighk:

    I take you to be Mighk Wilson, Vice President, Florida Bicycle Association...

    I was reading your profile @ The Florida Bicycle Association website:

    "If it can be done on a bike he's probably attempted it (except for working as a bike messenger...)...and has been a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for Metroplan Orlando since 1993."

    So it's no surprise to find you at odds with a bike messenger of several decades experience and fellow traveler of Joey B. ...

    You and Ms. Caffery display the typical us-vs-them special interest politicing I would expect.

    You now have won your precious "three foot rule" and are determined to use it as a political club on the evil motorist enemy.

    What you fail to grasp is that no matter how badly the motorist may behave, they still possess a NATURAL right to use the road.

    Yes, Mr. Bureaucrat, the seat of rights is man's (the species, not the gender...hmm...why do I feel it necessary to point out...?) nature, not legislative or governmental edit.

    You may use your "techinques" to humiliate and unfairly constrain the motorist, but if you look at what master Joey does in the first video to which I allude, you would, no doubt, if you could put aside your horror at the (gasp) breaking of traffic laws (of course, you can't, don't worry about it, I say it for third party consumption), you would note that Joey merely takes note of what space on the road goes unused, availing himself of it...

    ---The Bikemessenger


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