Lucas Brunelle : Line Of Sight

Lucas Brunelle recently revamped his website. Watch the trailer for his forthcoming DVD "Line of Sight" which features footage from various alleycats including the BFF Miami race. Below is the original trailer where at the 1:14 mark Lucas is shown following local cyclist Ferny on the Venetian. The scene was omitted from the official trailer. Don't try this at home.

Check out more of Lucas Brunelle's films at the Bicycle Film Festival, coming to Miami in January 2011.


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  1. I've never been to a loose cannons or alleycat, so I'm not exactly sure about the format of the races. Why the hell are we glorifying this sort of dangerous riding? I get it, people are going to do it, and if they want to get themselves killed, so be it. But this is the sort of stuff that villifies cycling in the eyes of motorists. Shameful.


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