Secure Bicycle Parking : University Metrorail Station

Five BikeLid secure bicycle parking units have been installed at the University Metrorail Station. BikeLid claims their product provides security from vandals, thieves and the elements. Based on a brief examination I think the product does all of which it claims. One of the five BikeLids was in use this afternoon which is a positive sign some cyclists already know what they are, however a kid on a skateboard asked me "What are these things?" while I was testing them out.

How to use a BikeLid:

1. Lift Lid
2. Park Bike
3. Close Lid
4. Insert Your Lock
5. Test Latch

As an added measure of security you can also lock your bicycle to the steel bar inside the lid. Two bicycles can fit inside one lid but the purpose is defeated if you're locking up with a stranger. Overall this appears to be an excellent product, cyclists have been asking for weather protection for some time now and this delivers. Made in the USA and very green.



  1. Holy fack ! Finally cyclists are getting noticed in Miami ?!? What is going on ???

  2. This is an excellent idea! Hopefully they can expand it to the entire system! Love that it's Made in USA. :)

  3. Can someone please tell me who I can email to get these installed at miami dade college?

  4. How much does it cost to use these? Is it free?

  5. Just got my bike stolen from the University Metro rail station. Guard
    said it would be safe, but no one was there and I couldnt find anyone for 20 minutes. They also said that security cameras were out of range although it's 20 yds in-front of guard kiosk.

  6. It was locked and no, it wasnt locked in the bike enclosure. But the enclosure requires a lock also? My concern is when and if I buy another bike, where can I take a chance on locking it if no one is willing to take responsibility for this. What is the security guard there for?

  7. My bike was also stolen there today. The security guard said he often sees people sawing the locks and that he can´t tell if the bike is theirs or not. He could just simply ask to see their ID and keep record of it.

    1. That's unfortunate, was your bicycle stolen from one of these "BikeLids" or was it in the regular bike racks?

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