Sharrow in West Dade

Spotted a sharrow on SW 97th Avenue just north of Bird Rd (40th St). The county chose an ideal location to remind motorists to share the road since the existing bike lane ends there. Their next step should be educating motorists on what a sharrow is and utilizing them throughout the county. I think we can all agree South Florida drivers need a repeated reminder to share the road.



  1. Nice ! now drivers have to get schooled on what that means =)

  2. Hoorah! Thanks for sharing the good news and the perfect photo-

    step by step...

  3. Awesome capture and as you said, education. That's the key.

    In Miami, things have to be spelled out to people.

    Congratulations to everyone who has been working to make this a reality. :)

  4. I was actually going to write you about that. I had spotted this sharrow near my home 2 weeks ago, but what strikes me about it is that there's only one for the rest of the street. A few feet past that point, the road significantly narrows, and there are no more signs. How is this effective? Do motorists even know what it means?

  5. A sharrow in MIAMI? A dream come true!



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