Graffiti Bicycle Tour : Video

An estimated 140 cyclists participated in Street. Art. Cycles. the bicycle tour exploring graffiiti murals in Wynwood. The group met at the Allapattah Metrorail Station at 10am and was guided through various areas to check out the productions, for 3 hours we ventured through Wynwood and received a bit of Graffiti 101. Thanks to Olga Cano, Dario Gonzalez and Emerge Miami for hosting this event.

If you enjoyed yourself today then you have something to look forward to, a similar ride will take place in early December during Art Basel. Expect tons of new murals and to actually see the artists in action. For more details visit Primary Flight.

Here's a video from today's ride:



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  2. I don't know man, those bands you listed are pretty good.


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