Stolen Bike Alert

[Update 11/17]

The purple Fuji stolen earlier this week was recovered on Miami Beach tonight. The bars were flipped up vagabond style, stem and seat post raised well beyond their maximum insertion lines and the rims were spray painted silver. The thief also added a front fender, how generous.

PS I confirmed it was a Miami Bike Scene reader who tipped police and contacted the rightful owner. Kudos to you.

Purple Fuji single-speed conversion. White rims, tires, bar tape, and Turbo saddle. Stolen Monday (11/15) from inside an apartment on Biscayne Blvd / 20th Street. If you see this bike contact Eve.

Also, new level of scumbagness..

"Stolen Bike Rack Alert"

Green Saris rack which holds 3 bicycles. Stolen from Best Buy parking lot in Hialeah on Saturday night (11/13). Contact Jordan if you see it.



  1. ill be honest ive never understood how people feel so comfortable leaving their bikes racks on the car all the time.

  2. Well Oscar, as you can see that's a pretty tough bike rack and it's very very rare for a bike rack to be stolen as you can tell by Rydel's inference.Plus I use my bike rack a few times a week so why go through the hassle of taking it off to possible put the bike rack on the next day. And honestly, I find your comment to be quite rude.

  3. Karma will come back and take care of the bike rack thief but it's still your fault for being lazy & leaving it on there!!! We don't live in crime free neighborhoods!

  4. Well Jordan, sorry I came off as rude, but I was being quite honest. I have the first generation of the saris bones rack. They are definitely tough, as mine is about 10 years old. Despite its toughness, which has no bearing on anything ive pointed out, it is ridiculously easy to remove, as nearly all bike racks are.

    I definitely hope whoever stole it gets what is coming to him, but I stand by my comments. Take care of your belongings so they may take care of you.


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