Bikes Are Like Proletarian Tanks?

The phrase "Bikes Are Like Proletarian Tanks" can be seen on a new pro-bicycle mural in Wynwood created by the SOFLO crew during Art Basel. The wall is located on the corner of NW 21st Street / 1st Avenue near the Miami Rescue Mission.

Now please observe the photo below, it was taken just a few feet away from the mural. The bike lanes have apparently become a head-in/back-out angle parking lot.

If bikes truly were "like proletarian tanks" then we should get on our bicycles and smash the 25+ motor vehicles I counted parked on both sides of the NW 1st Avenue bike lanes between 21st and 20th Street this afternoon.



  1. Someone needs to be contacted about that blocked bike lane. That is just ridiculous.

  2. Please call the police non-emergency number if you see this happening. These are travel lanes, and there is parallel parking available.
    Non-emergency number (305) 579-6111

  3. cars need to be ticketed!, and i need a picture with that mural

  4. Call 305 477 POLICE for unincorporated areaa of Miami-Dade County.

  5. Forget those cars - these pictures were also taken a block from the mural, in the other direction: -



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