Miami Bike Scene T-Shirts!

[Edit 12/16] No more pre-orders at this time.

Back by popular demand.. I'll be getting another limited run of The Miami Bike Scene t-shirts in two weeks. Printed on Gildan 100% cotton, the preshrunk tees are $10 each + $5 shipping & handling, $1 per additional item. Those who pre-order shirts via Paypal will also receive a set of vinyl The Miami Bike Scene stickers!

Please order today if you would like a shirt as these go rather quickly. Pre-order deadline is 12/16. Orders will ship in two weeks and you will receive just before Christmas.


Provided below is an illustration with a ( # ) next to each shirt, select the color combination you like and choose your size using the Paypal drop-down menu, add to cart and then proceed to checkout.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Available Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Black
Available Sizes: YL S M L XL XXL

Ordering Example: #4 Size:M (signifies you want a green shirt with white print in size medium)



  1. I'm still waiting for white shirts with colored lettering.

    But even so, if paypal won't facilitate a contribution to Wikileaks, they sure as hell won't profit from me buying tee shirts.

    Same goes for my Visa debit account, that I'll be cancelling shortly.

    Financial service providers must be held accountable; this is a responsiblity we each bear individually...

    ---The Bikemessenger

  2. What make are the shirts? Hanes? AA? Fruit of the Loom? Fred Perry?

  3. "Printed on Gildan 100% cotton, the preshrunk tees"

    the brand is in the description post.. Gildan

  4. I just realized I own #1, #2 and #3. So maybe I should continue in numerical order! What I'd really kill for, is the special edition black shirt with yellow lettering...


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