MIA TO FTL : DST Appreciation Ride (75 miles)

Sunday, March 14th 1pm

Meet @ Government Center
Downtown Miami

In appreciation of Daylight Saving Time we'll be riding from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale, 75 miles round trip. The extra hour of daylight is great for cyclists and pedestrians alike, let's take advantage of it.

Similar to the Valentine's Day Ride to Hollywood, average speed will be 20-22mph. This is a longer ride so keep yourself hydrated and bring an extra tube/patch kit/tools. We'll most likely split into two groups, keep in mind this is not a ride for novice riders. We'll be riding through busy streets at peak traffic hours.

Our destination in Ft. Lauderdale will be the Antique and Custom Bicycle Show at Coral Ridge Mall. We'll check out the bike show, grab a snack and then head back to Miami. The ride will take an estimated 6 hours (rest time included), we should be back in Downtown Miami before dusk.

Here is a link to the route.

Don't forget to set those clocks forward at 2am Sunday, remember you will lose sleep Saturday night!


The Only Cyclist In Town

I received this insightful piece written by Maynard Hershon for the Rivendell Reader at last night's Critical Mass ride. Someone printed out copies and was passing them around, thought I'd share it here.


Miami Masters Rosewood Series 2010

"The Rosewood Series on its 12th year anniversary, will bring three different racing venues; Miami Lakes, Brian Piccolo Park & Vista View Park, in addition to the thrill of racing for a yellow and or white point jersey. Rosewood Series is USA Cycling national rank event, featuring same photo finish system used in international events like the famous Tour de France."

  • Series 1: Feb 28 - Mar 14 - Apr 4 - Apr 25 - May 2
  • Series 2: May 16 - May 30 - Jun 13 - Jun 20 - Jul 4
  • Series 3: Jul 18 - Aug 1 - Aug 15 - Aug 22 - Sept 5
  • Season Finale: Sept 12

  • 14350 NW 77 Ct. (Palmetto Frontage Rd.)
    Miami Lakes, FL 33016

    The 2nd race of each series and the season finale will be held at Brian Piccolo Park. The 4th race of each series will be held at Vista View Park in Davie.

    For additional info check out MiamiMasters.com


    Bike Miami Rides : Sunday, February 28th

    Sunday, February 28th

    Government Center
    101 NW First St
    Miami, FL 33128

    "The ride will be starting at Government Center 111 NW 1st Ave, we will be doing the A-B-C quick check to make sure bikes are road ready. We will be riding around Downtown Miami, Spring Garden, the Health District, and Allapattah. It will be a great ride and a fun time.
    Bike Miami Rides are a great way to build cycling confidence while riding on road, they are a fun great way to explore the city in a different way. "

    Estimated 11mi


    Kendall BMX : Video

    Local BMX action over at Westwind Lakes Skatepark in Kendall.

    via KrankLife


    Bike Florida : 2010 Annual Tour

    Saturday, March 27, 2010 - Friday, April 02, 2010

    Bike Florida is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote safe cycling in the state of Florida.

    "Bike Florida 2010 is a week long, fully supported bicycle camping tour that pedals along Florida’s scenic country roads, visiting world famous sites like the Daytona International Speedway, award winning state parks and breathtaking natural wonders. The tour is leisurely paced and designed to be a fun and relaxing vacation for cyclists of all ages and abilities. You will ride through historic Florida towns, along the Atlantic Coast, over scenic inlets, through wildlife refuges and along roads lined with beautiful oak trees covered with hanging Spanish moss. We will be hosted by historic Stetson University to experience the Florida Wildflower Festival, sing folk songs around a fire at Bulow Plantation and soak in the healing waters of DeLeon Springs State Park. Come join us for the fun, and bring along a friend to experience the joys of cycling in sunny Florida!"

    Approx. 300mi
    7 Days

    Registration information here.

    Day Two
    Day Three
    Day Four
    Day Five
    Day Six
    Day Seven and Closing


    Keirin Cycles : Goodbye Brooklyn Sprints

    Saturday, February 27th

    Going away party & sprints for Brooklyn. Free Red Stripe beer.

    Keirin Cycles
    235 A 9th Street
    Miami Beach, FL. 33139


    Graffiti by Bicycle

    Saturday, March 6th

    Meet at the Allapattah Metrorail Station

    Streets . Art . Cycles

    "Graffiti by Bike. A tour of home-grown and world class graffiti in Wynwood, including the Wynwood Walls, many of which are only dry since December. The tour will include information on the artists and crews, and the rules by which they respect tags, bombs, throw-ups and pieces. We will trace a route through Wynwood, following the artistic development of tags to commissioned public work. The tour will end at Joey’s Restaurant."

    RSVP here.


    Antique and Custom Bicycle Show

    Sunday, March 14th

    Coral Ridge Mall
    3200 N. Federal Highway
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306

    Super Spring Bike Show!

    $10 for a booth in advance, $20 day of the show
    Bring as many bikes and parts to sell as you like!

    • Trophies and giveaways for participants
    • Raffles for prizes
    • Show off your toys to the masses


    For more details, please contact:
    Mike Gambino
    (954) 240-4117


    Proposed Ghost Bike Relocation

    The Public Works Department wants the input of local cyclists concerning the relocation of the Le Canne 'ghost bike' which was removed from the Bear Cut Bridge earlier this month.

    It has been stated that the memorial can no longer be on the Bear Cut Bridge, and cannot be visible from the road as it can pose a distraction to motorists. The PWD has offered to relocate the 'ghost bike' to the entrance of Virginia Key (Arthur Lamb Jr Rd), just outside their office. They have been cooperative and are willing to place the bicycle near a garden about 250ft from the Rickenbacker Causeway. I have personally discussed other options with PWD and have not been successful, mostly due to their concerns over liability. I have given it some thought and based on the factors presented before me am not against the proposed relocation, however if it were solely up to me it would remain on that bridge.

    Please call the PWD Rickenbacker Causeway Division at (305) 361-2833 and let them know your suggestions concerning the relocation of the bike. They are trying to reach out to the local community and want to hear your recommendations.

    For reference I've provided a short video clip of the proposed site:

    Below is a photo of the area:

    This was the official response sent to those who inquired about the removal last week:

    "On Monday February 8, 2010, the bicycle which had been hung on the railing of the Bear Cut Bridge, for fallen cyclist Christophe Le Canne was carefully removed and placed in safe storage at the Public Works Department’s Causeway Maintenance Office. It has not been damaged or discarded, as we certainly understand the sentiment behind the installation, and no disrespect was intended. Please be advised that the family of the fallen cyclist was contacted by the Department in order to offer them the bicycle which needed to be removed to avoid any potential injuries, however the family respectfully declined to accept it.

    This bicycle had been chained to the railing along the Bear Cut Bridge multiple-use path, without notice or prior approval by PWD and protruded into the pathway which could cause injury to a non-motorized path user. We are certain the parties responsible for the installation of this memorial never intended to create a path obstruction to the pedestrians or bicyclists, but that could be the unfortunate result. Please note that prior to the Memorial Ride, on Friday January 22, 2010 a permanent memorial marker was attached to the bridge at the point of the accident by the Public Works Department (see picture below).
    The Public Works Department is committed to working with representatives of the bicycle organizations to review possible locations for the placement of the bicycle memorial. A meeting will be scheduled with said representatives and County staff in order to discuss a suitable and safe location.

    Thank you,
    Esther Calas, P.E., Director
    Public Works Department
    111 NW First Street, Suite 1610
    Miami, Florida 33128
    Phone: (305) 375-2960
    Fax: (305) 375-3070
    "Delivering Excellence Every Day""


    Here's a video by Meaghan Wilbur of the Ghost Bikes Film Documentary Project (highly recommended)


    Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawl

    Saturday, March 6th 2010

    We'll be starting off at Zeke's at 4pm where all beers are just $4! We'll then make a stop at The Abbey, The DRB, and finally Titanic Brewery in South Miami via the M-Path. The pub crawl conveniently ends near the University Metrorail Station for those who wish to take the train back vs riding.

    Remember to bring a bicycle lock. A light is also recommended since it'll be dusk by the time we leave the last bar. The pub crawl should be over before 8pm.

    There will be "Beer Snob" t-shirts available in limited quantities for $10 at the end of the ride. If you're interested in one please leave a comment with your preferred size.

    Below is a list of the bars we will be visiting (in order).

    We're going to meet some people at the Adrienne Arsht Center Station Metromover Station (formerly Omni - 15th/Biscayne) at 3:30pm sharp for riders who wish to ride over from downtown to Zeke's (Miami Beach) via Venetian Causeway with a group.

    Zeke's Roadhouse
    625 Lincoln Rd
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    The Abbey Brewing Co.
    1115 16th St
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    The DRB
    255 Northeast 14th Street
    Miami, FL 33132

    5813 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
    Coral Gables, FL 33146

    RSVP on Facebook


    Blessing of the Bikes : Video

    Below is a video courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel from the 1st Annual Blessing of the Bikes which took place on February 6. Read the full story here.

    A ghost bike was also set up that day for Leon Hamer, a cyclist struck and killed by a motorist in Weston, FL on March 7th 2009. Close friends of Mr. Hamer are asking for help in seeking justice for his death and for support of a law targeting negligent motorists. They sent a letter to the South Florida Bicycle Coalition which you can read & discuss here.


    City of Miami Green Commission : News Update

    taken from Bike Miami Blog

    "At today’s meeting of the City of Miami Green Commission, Mayor Regalado committed his support to an April 25th Bike Miami Day and to city green initiatives ranging from the Miami Green Lab facility to more sustainable energy practices. Bicycle Action Committee and MOST (Miami Open Streets Team) members in attendance were thrilled to hear the good news, which was followed by a list of new initiatives coming from the City:

    1. Bus Shelter Public Service Ads on Bicycle Safety: Bike Coordinator Collin Worth announced new funding from the County MPO to cover the costs of 40 new bus shelter ads promoting safer cycling. Three separate ads – promoting the use of lights at night, the 3-ft law and a cyclist’s right to the full lane – will go up throughout the City in the coming months.

    2. New Bumper Sticker PSAs for City vehicles: Commissioner Sarnoff announced that city vehicles will now feature bumper stickers promoting the “3 foot law”. These specially designed stickers will also be available for local residents soon, as well, so stayed tuned for an update.

    3. A Safer Health District for Cyclists and Pedestrians: Worth also announced a $48k grant to cover the costs of a study intended to make the Health District safer for everyone.

    4. Bike Miami Days: It seems the name is staying, for now. The Mayor committed to one more event in April and Commissioner Sarnoff stepped up to commit himself to bringing “4 to 6″ ciclovias per year in the future.

    Other updates:

    City of Miami Bicycle Jerseys: Bicycle Action Committee member Richard Cahlin is organizing the creation of the first ever City of Miami bicycle jersey, sales of which will support the city’s bicycling initiatives. The jersey is still in design so if you or your company would be willing to help underwrite the cost in exchange for a logo, please contact Collin Worth at cworth@miamigov.com

    Commissioner Sarnoff shared some things he is looking into for our community, including the installation of red light and/or speed cameras, a cyclocross event at Bicentennial Park and a new, official park space at 1814 Brickell.

    The South Florida Bicycle Coalition is growing. The regional organization famous for taking FDOT to task for not installing required bicycle facilities in their projects is getting serious. Their Facebook and Twitter (SFBikeCoalition) presence is increasing as interest in uniting the advocacy efforts of Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties seems to be at an all-time high. Board President Jeffrey Lynne recently joined the board of the League of American Bicyclists, so we can be sure to have a strong representative voice at the National Bicycle Summit next month.

    Why don’t you write a quick email to Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff and thank them for their commitment? Thank you!"


    Coral Gables Tweed Ride

    Saturday, March 20th

    University Metrorail Station
    5400 Ponce de Leon
    Miami, FL 33146

    This special 'costume ride' is being organized by the Green Mobility Network. Come explore Coral Gables early Saturday morning, bring your bike and vintage outfit. No lycra please, seriously.

    "We shall sally forth from University Metrorail Station for a leisurely ride through Historic Coral Gables. Ride will depart promptly at 9 a.m. and shall be narrated by Professor David Rifkind, School of Architecture at Florida International University.

    Of course, Tweed-style is not only about tweed. A proper cyclist looks good from head to toe: from the dashing cap, to the silk scarf, ascot, or bow tie accenting the neck, to the snappy knickers or skirts,
    and argyle socks! Prizes shall be furnished to the most dapper chap, the most snappy lass, the best real moustache, the best fake moustache, and the best vintage/antique steed."

    RSVP on Facebook


    Valentine's Day Ride : Photos

    Great Valentine's Day Ride this afternoon, we had about 30 cyclists show up to Government Center. The weather was great & the wind was not too bad. The pace was a bit faster than anticipated, we averaged around 22mph. Unfortunately more than half the group was unable to keep up, however most of the riders were able to regroup in Hollywood before the return trip. I applaud those who stuck with it and completed the ride despite being left back. I hope everyone had a good ride. Next time we'll ride to Ft. Lauderdale.

    Below are a few photos from our break on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.


    Miami Beach Community Ride

    Saturday, February 13th 2010

    Miami Beach Bicycle Center
    601 5th Street (Corner of 5th and Washington)
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    "The Miami Beach Community Ride is brought to you by Miami Beach Bicycle Center and the City of Miami Beach. This ride is perfect to meet and greet new people, get exercise, and have a great time. Thanks to the Miami Beach Police, the traffic is stopped and the riders can enjoy a continuous safe ride. At the half way point the riders stop to drink water and take a quick breath. The best thing about the ride is that its FREE! The ride is every second Saturday of the month starting from the store at 9a.m."


    Christophe Le Canne Ghost Bike Removed!

    Update: 2/9 The Department of Public Works claims to have the "ghost bike" in storage. It was removed because the makeshift memorial was a liability on the Bear Cut Bridge. I was told they removed it with care and attempted to contact the family beforehand. More details and an official statement from PWD to come.

    The Christophe Le Canne memorial was removed from the Bear Cut Bridge today. I'm almost certain the Department of Public Works is responsible for this.

    Email Esther Calas, Director of the County Public Works and request to know why the ghost bike was removed. You should also contact James Martincak, PWD Superintendent of the Causeway Division, call (305) 361-2833.

    I want to know why no one from the cycling community was asked whether this would be a good idea or not, I guess they'll find out soon enough. The ghost bike was up for just 15 days. It was carefully placed there and maintained, it was not abandoned and did not obstruct the path of cyclists, walkers, runners, etc.

    If anyone has any information on where the bike is please contact me. The wreath is also gone hence this was a clearance job and not larceny. Here's a photo of the memorial yesterday afternoon.

    Photo taken February 7th, 2010

    Photo taken January 24th, 2010


    NYC / Miami In Solidarity

    Brooklyn, NY

    Miami, FL


    In other news someone is back in jail.


    Redland Ramble

    Saturday, February 20th 2010

    Meet @ Target Parking Lot
    20500 SW 112 Avenue

    "For those traveling from Miami you can take the
    MetroRail to the Dadeland South MetroRail station.
    You can then catch the number 38 bus and take it
    down to the 112th Ave stop, the Target lot is just on
    the west side of the Busway from there. The #38
    buses leave every 15 minutes on Saturdays. If you
    are driving just follow US 1 south to 112th Ave
    make a right and you will see the Target.

    We will be riding to several locations in the
    Redlands. The first stop is the Farmers Market/Flea
    Market at 244th St and US 1. Then on to Whitneys
    on 232nd St. We will be riding by the
    Buddhist Temple, by Knaus Berry Farm then onto
    Castellow Hammock Park by the Monkey Jungle
    and the final stop will be at Cauley Square before
    heading back to the Target parking lot. The entire
    route is just under 23 miles. The pace will be a
    slow, rambling enjoyable pace. Bring sunscreen and

    Visit: www.greenmobilitynetwork.org


    MIA / NYC Solidarity Ride

    Sunday, February 7th 2010
    2PM @ Government Center

    A phone call will be placed to the NYC cyclists hosting the tribute ride at 2:10pm. It's going to be very cold in NYC (high of 28F, plus snow the day before) yet they are doing this in solidarity to us. This concurrent ride in Miami is a thank you to them.

    Here's the route. Distance 13 miles.

    This is a good ride to meet other concerned cyclists and another opportunity to visit the Christophe Le Canne memorial on the Bear Cut Bridge if you were not able to attend in January.

    RSVP on Facebook


    Florida Racing Magazine

    Florida Racing Magazine is a bi-weekly online publication dedicated to promoting cycling in Florida. FRM highlights the racing community (Road, Time Trial, Cyclocross, and MTB).

    A Miami Bike Scene article and video is featured in the February Issue 1 Vol 13.

    Read the issue here.


    Critical Mass + Bike Miami Rides : Video(s)

    First off is a video from the Friday, January 29th - Miami Critical Mass. Nice ride with close to 300 cyclists in attendance. I believe those numbers are going to go up when we start observing DST in March.

    This next video is from the Saturday, January 30th - Bike Miami / TACOLCY Bike Club / Emerge Ride. An estimated 45 cyclists participated in the event which took cyclists through District 5. You can read a story about the ride it at The Miami Herald.

    Both videos courtesy of Eddy.


    NYC : Miami Solidarity Ride

    The NYC based Time's Up organization is hosting a tribute ride for Miami and our recent response to the tragic death of Christophe Le Canne

    Miami Solidarity Ride

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010
    2:00 PM

    Grand Army Plaza
    Brooklyn, NY 11217

    "On 1/17/2010, Christophe Le Canne, 44, was killed in a bike lane from behind, reportedly by a hit and run drunk driver and delayed emergency response in Key Biscayne, Florida. On 1/24/2010 1000's of Miami cyclists came out on a memorial ride in Christophe's name. Now is your opportunity to pay tribute to Miami for their brave action during their time of grief.
    A saying of Christophe's is 'The Journey is the thing!'. So we will visit ghosts bikes, roadways where there are, used to be, or could be bike lanes, and maybe water or bridges on our travels.

    The day after our ride the suspect will have his first hearing."


    This is very thoughtful of them. Thank you very much NY from Miami, ride safe.

    The hearing for Carlos Bertonatti is set for Monday, February 8th at 8:30AM
    Justice Building
    1351 NW 12th Street
    Room No 3-2
    Miami, FL 33136
    Judge: David C. Miller


    Valentine's Day Ride : Miami To Hollywood

    Sunday, February 14th

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with your true love - your bicycle.

    Ride starts @ Government Center in Downtown Miami. The group will be riding north on A1A and stopping at the "Hollywood Beach Broadwalk". We will then ride into downtown Hollywood before traversing back south towards Miami.

    Total Distance: 50 Miles
    Avg Speed: 20mph

    This is not a leisurely ride. If you cannot keep up the pace chances are you will be left behind. It may be possible to have two groups instead of one to accommodate those riding a bit slower. If we split up we'll regroup at Hollywood Beach.

    Here's a link to the route.

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