One Year Later

One year ago today approximately 2500 cyclists came to show support for a fallen cyclist and to demand changes from local government concerning safety issues on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

During the past 12 months exactly what was accomplished?

I asked myself that same question and could only come up with a few things, and most not very significant in terms of getting motor vehicles to actually slow down on the causeway.

Below are the few I could think of off the top of my head:

  • Mile markers along the road to help emergency crews find victims of an accident.
  • A few days after the accident, I witnessed some police enforcing the speed limit.
  • Key Biscayne Fire Station #15 opened on weekends.
  • A few dozen cyclists received citations. (this one is here just for laughs)

I assume I must have omitted something so I've decided to reach out to local cyclists, activists and most importantly government personnel for more information. Please leave a comment and enlighten myself and others on changes made and/or planned for the immediate future which will make the Rickenbacker Causeway safer for recreational users.

Carlos Bertonatti's trial is set for February 22nd.



  1. Thanks for this Rydel. Basically nothing has been accomplished. We need to address the design speed of the Rickenbacker. Everything that has been done to date is like putting make-up on a pig. Purely cosmetic. In terms of safety no improvements have been made.

  2. $.25 of every toll now goes to bike/ped improvements on the causeway. There is a 5 year program to do this. It is a County project.

  3. It's been 7 months since that "Bicycle Town Hall" meeting with no tangible results.

    I got criticized for saying on TV that "I'll believe it when I see it." But I've lived here long enough to know...

    As Felipe said, nothing has been done. It's been just make-up on a pig, along with political mind-games to keep us distracted.

  4. I know how you feel Eddy, things are slow in government. I think they are doing another townhall in March, and if you have gone to any of the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings hosted by the County MPO you would have seen the designs for the Rickenbacker, there was also a field trip to review the planned modifications. Some people are not in favor of closing the parking lot by the toll booths, or adding a bike/ped turn around traffic light on Hobie Isle, which has held the project up. I would recommend going to the next BPAC meeting tomorrow 1/25 at 5:30pm at Government Center, and see what they are working on. Ask questions.

  5. I see MDPD traffic detail enforcing speed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some times they block the bike path while issuing the citations.


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