Miami Critical Mass | Photos & Video

Close to 500 cyclists came out to the Miami Critical Mass ride this past Friday evening making it the largest group thus far since its inception in 2007. The ride traversed through Little Havana, Coral Gables, Miracle Mile, The Roads, Brickell and Downtown Miami before making a stop at BAR for the after party. Next ride is Friday, June 24th!

Over 100 photos available over at SlipStreamX5 Photography.

Some more great photos are also available at Beached Miami.

Follow this link to see a 12 minute POV from the ride via ProEdgeBiker.

Check out this short clip taken by Federico Vaca at the intersection of Coral Way & 17th Ave.



  1. At the beginning, it appears the northbound traffic is being corked, if ineffectively, as all three riders are bunched in front of one lane.

    Perhaps they weren't corking and were just taking a break.

    At :41 sec 2 riders leave; at :57 sec the remaining rider leaves.

    As I arrive at 1:04 sec I cork the northbound, unaware that it (apparently) was being corked earlier.

    An incompleted corking, as this appears to have been, has hazardous potential.

    Unless you're relieved by mutual agreement with another rider,a corker is taking on an implied responsibility to the group to see it's passage through the intersection to the end.

    Within reason, of course. Sometimes stragglers fall too far behind and other times, the group gets spread out too thinly.

    Neither was the case here or anywhere else that I observed on this ride.

    ---The Bikemessenger

  2. Great Event guys, glad we were able to make the ride..


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