Social Butterfly Bike Ride

Saturday, August 13th

Government Center
150 NW First Street
Miami, FL 33128

"On August 13th Social Butterfly Foundation is collaborating with Emerge Miami to participate in a 10 mile Ride for Cause where approx 50 cyclist with Beautiful Butterfly Wings will ride through Downtown Miami. At the end of the ride we will have a back pack drive and hope to receive several donations of backpacks and school supplies for our children in foster care."



  1. Is this event open to anyone who wants to join the ride? If so, do we have to sign up somewhere or would we just meet at Gov. Center? Thanks!

  2. Elle, event is open to anyone. No registration needed. I would recommend bringing $10-$12 to donate for a book bag.

  3. Awesome! Will do. Thanks, Rydel. And I'm assuming the same rules as Critical Mass apply, like maintaining 12mph, corking, all that?

    - Elly

  4. I believe so, the Saturday morning rides are laid back with about 30-50 cyclists and one or two stops. I think they will be making a stop at Staples on Biscayne Blvd, donating funds for backpacks not required to ride.


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