Stolen Bike Alert

2009 Fuji Track Comp with Specialized Tri-spoke, all white components (not pictured). Stolen on Thursday, June 30th from behind American Apparel (Lincoln Road) on South Beach. Contact Jonathan at (305) 767-5616 if you have any information.



  1. Stolen bike? How about the thousands of dollars in property stolen from my home this week including a video camera with the birth of my son in it. Perhaps the stolen item we treasure most is our sense of security and faith in the Kendall Police Department who after the initial contact have gone silent.

    A bike? Really?! Insulting.

    Eric in Devonaire

  2. I'm not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that it's petty that I'm posting an alert of a stolen bike on a bicycle related website? Is it insulting to you or are you saying it's insulting that a thief would steal a bike?

  3. Yeah Eric your being a douche. Sorry your stuff got stolen but this is a bike website so Jonathan has every right to leave a stolen bike notification on a bike website.

  4. yea seriously, what's your problem? this is a site about cycling. get over yourself. boohoo. you are trying to get people to feel sorry for you. this guy is trying to get his bike back. major difference.

  5. Rydel, Mr. Downing's selfish comments do not deserve to remain here to begin with. For the sake of civility, I suggest that his post be removed.

  6. Rydell:

    I hope you'll ignore the suggestion by "635d8646-a658-11e0-922d-000f20980440" [whew! I hope that's their full name].

    Years ago, when I used to blog regularly on very controversial political issues, those who disagreed could always count on me providing them with a forum.

    Whatever a blog's subject matter, the host should take the opportunity to promote freedom of expression; you can only gain the respect of those who disagree...

    Conversely, if you delete the disagreeable, people will feel inhibited from speaking their minds.

  7. That is all well and good, Robert, but a stolen bike entry is not a forum where spiteful expression should be tolerated.

    For that matter, I would expect civilized people to conduct their disagreements maturely - as opposed to Mr. Downing's childish rant.

  8. 1e5779de-a8b6-11e0-b01a-000bcdcb471e:

    This isn't your blog or mine---so I doubt your taking it upon yourself set ground rules will fly.

    A good blog serves as a public forum; I'm only giving advice based on experience.

    I don't approve of Downing's comment any more than you, but I'd be disappointed by it's deletion.

    Let's not be so thin-skinned...

  9. "This isn't your blog or mine---so I doubt your taking it upon yourself set ground rules will fly."

    And by that, are you suggesting I shut up? That would go against your proselytizing for freedom of expression, you know.

  10. 1e5779de-a8b6-11e0-b01a-000bcdcb471e:

    No, to the contrary. You miss my point. Speak your mind freely.

    Go to my blog: it's very opinionated.

    If you don't like it, post a comment, secure that it won't be deleted---whether I like or not!

    Oh, and BTW, how the hell do you pronounce "1e5779de-a8b6-11e0-b01a-000bcdcb471e"?

  11. yo who the fuck cares. more important issues... my bike being stolen


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