Stolen Bike Alert

Origin8 Cutler with black Aerospoke, blue tires, blue saddle and red bullhorns. Stolen in Wynwood on NE 2nd Ave/24th St on Thursday night 12/1. Contact Kristofer at (786) 344-4665 if you have any information, bike was stolen by a latin male in his early 20s. He snatched the bicycle from owner and rode off in NW direction.

This was not the only bicycle stolen last night in Wynwood. Also stolen was a vintage '66 blue Schwinn Varsity converted to single-speed. Brown saddle with rivets, riser bars and a Ritchey Pro front wheel. Contact Amy if you have any information.

And below is a photo of two bikes whose Phil Wood wheels were stolen, also last night in Wynwood.



  1. two of my friends wheelsets were stolen from wynwood, too - it's fucking open season out there

  2. My bike was stolen tonight on lincoln road and lennox, from a bike rack, its a genesis v2100 mountain bike black red and white,with a bell gel seat, and aluminum handlebar extensions, the robber also took my cable lock,,, he broke also a razor scooter at the same bike rack,.. Any info Please call juan at 7863098070

  3. My '01 Gary Fisher Mamba in red / grey scheme, recently completely rebuilt with Acera / SRAM components, Mavic Crossride wheels, with MiNewt 300 headlight were stolen from 43rd St and Collins Ave. shortly after 5:00 PM on Dec. 20th.

    It was secured to my Jeep on a carrier and security cable. A police report has been filed.

    I believe the thief / thieves were casing the area, as the theft occured right after I had parked and took a few items to my hotel room. Upon returning to my vehicle, I discovered the bike missing.

    Ron from Orlando, who will never visit Miami again.


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