Bicycle Safety Summit in the News

Below are links to local news coverage from the Bicycle Safety Summit which took place this morning at Government Center. I don't have much to report on or add except that an attendee's bike was stolen from the bike rack while we were at the meeting.


Cyclists, officials discuss bike safety - WPLG Local 10

Cyclists, Politicos Convene Bike Safety Summit - CBS 4

Quick safety improvements pledged for Rickenbacker Causeway cycling - The Miami Herald

Police Presence to Increase on Rickenbacker Causeway (audio) - WLRN

Cyclists demand new law for drivers after bicyclist killed - WSVN 7

Reunión busca más seguridad para ciclistas - Univision 23


SafeStreetsMiami will be hosting a forum on Wednesday, March 7th. The meeting will start at 7pm and take place at O Cinema, 90 Northwest 29th Street in Wynwood.


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  1. I am really sad after reading and listening to all the reports listed in your posting. Rumble strips and police enforcing the "two abreast" rule are not going to change anything. Is there anyone advocating for the cyclists out there? All I want is to be able to ride my bike. Gonna start looking for a job elsewhere. I am tired of this vicious hatred for and criminalization of cyclists.


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