February Critical Mass Photos & Video

Over a 1000 cyclists participated in the Miami Critical Mass ride on Friday, February 24th. The group traversed through Little Havana, Allapattah, Wynwood, Midtown, Design District, Buena Vista, Little Haiti, Upper East Side, Edgewater, Omni, and Downtown.

Reminder to the group, please slow it down in the front and close up any gaps. During this past ride, the group was going to fast while headed south on Biscayne Blvd (see video), higher speeds result in open spaces between riders and put a heavy strain on those corking, it also encourages motorists to enter the mass. We're supposed to be a large group, not small pockets of riders.


SlipStream Photography (133 photos)

Beached Miami (23 photos)


Next ride is on Friday, March 30th.



  1. I wonder if this type of event is generating good will toward bike riders or just making enemies of motorists. Maybe we are on the wrong track?

  2. As most things in life, you cant please everyone. From my experience, from the drivers, more want to know about the event versus flick us off. Then on top of that you add the people that come out to the street to watch and ask questions... I think more good than bad is accurate. :D

  3. I have to agree with BC - of all the on-lookers I see - from outdoor restaurants and pub patrons, to families looking over from their balcony - smiles are what mostly surround us. It's no surprise to see them with expressions of amazement - there are very few negative reflections from them, and if there are, they are the exception and not the rule.



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