FDOT Meeting : SW 57 Ave Bike Lanes (Recap)

Thursday evening, residents from Coral Gables, South Miami, Coral Terrace, and surrounding communities gathered to view and discuss FDOT plans for two roadway projects on Red Road (SW 57 Avenue) from US-1 to Coral Way. The projects include the repaving of roads, sign upgrades, installing missing sections of sidewalks, upgrading pedestrian ramps, and accommodating 5' paved shoulders to serve as bicycle lanes. Also, the existing 40mph speed limit will be reduced to 35mph.

11' travel lane, 5' bike lane, 35mph speed limit

The lack of crosswalks and trees included in the project plans appeared to be the greatest concern among residents. Local advocates pointed out how trees would improve the appearance of the street, help slow down traffic, and provide some shade to cyclists and pedestrians.

Members from Bike SoMi, SFBC, and Green Mobility Network going over the plans.

A few small sections of the road will not include bike lanes due to space constraints caused by turning lanes, sharrows will be implemented in these sections instead. These portions of the road are near the major intersections (Bird Rd, US-1, Coral Way). For example, when approaching US-1 the southbound bike lane will end on SW 66th St and sharrows would begin. If headed north on 57th Ave from US-1 the sharrows will be implemented up to Brescia Avenue, the northbound bike lane will begin there.

SW 57th Ave - US1 / Ponce de Leon (Sharrows)

In early 2011 FDOT hosted a similar meeting regarding upgrades on 57th Ave between Coral Way and SW 8th St, if bicycle facilities on all three projects come to fruition then we will have close to 4 miles of bike lanes between US-1 & SW 8th Street by 2014. A bonus factor is the connection of the 57th Ave bike lanes to the already existing M-Path which runs parallel to US-1.

For more information on the scope of the project go here.



  1. According to the engineer I spoke with at the meeting the speed limit will be 35 mph which means a realistic speed of 40-45 and enforcement starting at 45 most likely, if at all.

  2. Thanks Markus,

    I made a small edit to reflect that, I originally assumed 40mph because I didn't hear anyone mention it. Though 35mph makes more sense since it will be the same as the current speed limit between Coral Way & 8th Street

  3. 35 mph were the speeds I remember will kick in. Yes, those of us living in South Miami will be in contact with FDOT and Coral Gables (and UM) to plant trees. Trees would beautify the street, help slow traffic, and make walking and biking a much more pleasant experience. Win, win. Yes, bike lanes built from SW 8th St to US 1 would help immensely, all connected to the M-Path and Metrorail.


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