March Critical Mass Photos & Video

An estimated 1400 cyclists participated in the Miami Critical Mass ride on Friday, March 30th. The group traversed through East Little Havana, Miracle Mile, Coral Way, Shenandoah, Little Havana, The Roads, Brickell, and Downtown.


Check out over 120 great photos by Arturo P. @ SlipStream Photography


Excellent video courtesy of Federico Vaca from outside the Tower Theater on Calle Ocho. It's interesting to be able to listen in on the commentary from spectators and passerbys at Viernes Culturales.

Here's another video of the ride, this one by Juan Soars.

Next ride is on Friday, April 27th and it will be a special one. The Miami Bike Scene in conjunction with Grolsch, the Dutch Consulate, OPRA, and Downtown Miami Partnership will be hosting a FREE Miami Critical Mass after party with music, drinks, and food. The ride will be ending at Grand Central Park on N. Miami Ave & 7th Street, just a few blocks from Government Center.  
GO DUTCH! Orange Bike-In Festival (details TBA)



  1. Is it really necessary to put your cheesy logo over every picture???

    1. It is necessary, unless of course YOU can help in creating a non "cheesy logo" with your graphic design skills. On second thought, here's a better idea.. maybe YOU can come out to the ride every month with a camera and takes hundreds of photographs for FREE, then you can distribute them online without a watermark so nobody knows you took them.. that would be swell.

      Btw, when YOU comment on this blog and use the pronoun "your" I quickly assume you're referring to the author (that would be me).. must be a silly common sense thing on my end. Oddly enough, I didn't take those photos and my logo is not watermarked any of them. So next time you decide to leave a condescending comment on this blog you may want to choose your words wisely or better yet don't comment at all and just go drown by the sea.

  2. Brian, yeah, the logo is annoying. But so is going to every Critical Mass, taking hundreds of professional quality photographs with thousands of dollars of equipment at NO charge, sharing them on the web at NO charge, and then getting NO credit when people take, share, print, do whatever with the photos you worked so hard to capture and share. Grow up.

  3. Anyone have an idea of the route for April?


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