Stolen Bike Alert

Vintage 1978 green Raleigh Sports stolen on Tuesday, August 7th between 3am and 5am from outside of Electric Pickle on N. Miami Ave & 29th Street. Tires and rims have been changed since the pictures was taken. Rims are shiny chrome and tires are all black. If you have any information contact Richard at (305) 807-5280.


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  1. That's not a '78; it is a mid-late '73. The decals are no earlier than '73 (self-adjusting brake levers came out the same year), and the '74 models had top tube cable stops.

    Granted, this data - unfortunately - may not assist in its recovery, but it is good to know; particularly if it has a '78-dated hub.

    It is also possible that it has the serial stamped in the location of a '70-'72/3 (buried deep under the paint on the seatlug top) rather than at the back of the seattube (1973+), which may serve as an additional identifying feature.



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