Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stolen Bike Alert

Black and gold Raleigh Super Course was stolen Monday night (9/3) from Miami Beach. The bike was locked to a bike rack with a cable lock near Meridian & 9th Street. 1980's steel single-speed with gold parts (rims, seatpost, handlebar and stem). If you have any information please contact Carolina at (786) 553-0755.


In similar fashion to the majority of bicycles being reported stolen in Miami, this bike was locked with just a cable lock. We cannot stress how worthless cable locks are, if you really want to keep your bike please use a 16mm U-Lock. Only use a cable lock as a bonus, i.e to protect a wheel or accessories. It's impossible to prevent theft but you can at least make it difficult for thieves.

Protect your bike(s) against theft by using at the very least a 16mm U-Lock like the one pictured below.


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  1. Hasn't this been stressed enough? These lessons dont have to be so financially and emotionally expensive.


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