Stolen Bike Alert

Bright pink fixed-gear bike stolen today (9/4) around noon from Wolfson Campus in Downtown Miami. Bicycle has white parts (deep v rims, saddle, grips). Please contact Sarah if you have any information at (305) 873-4415.


In similar fashion to the majority of bicycles being reported stolen in Miami, this bike was locked with just a cable lock. We cannot stress how worthless cable locks are, if you really want to keep your bike please use a 16mm U-Lock. Only use a cable lock as a bonus, i.e to protect wheels and/or accessories. It's impossible to prevent theft but you can at least make it tougher for thieves.

Protect your bike(s) against theft by using at the very least a 16mm U-Lock.



  1. Good post. Thank you for lookin' out for folks.

  2. Supposedly the cops are cracking down, but it seems like bike theft is an ongoing thing. It's an easy crime of opportunity.


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