River of Grass Greenway - Community Workshop

River of Grass Greenway (ROGG) Feasibility Study and Master Plan

March 12th - 16th

Florida International University
Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33199

The ROGG's vision is a non-motorized transportation and recreation corridor across the Everglades connecting Naples and Miami that promotes enhanced opportunities for education and stewardship of the environmental and cultural assets of this unique area.

This event is free and open to the public to come and go as they please during posted dates and times.

More details at www.RiverofGrassGreenway.org or www.evergladesROGG.org



  1. Dear Miami, I hope all of you will question how many people will this project safely move from to home to work, school and shopping. If it doesn't do this, then this project should be shelved and the money spent providing safe infrastructure within the city.

  2. I've done the 260-mile stretch between Miami and Tampa on the shoulders of the Tamiami Trail in different routes of my project. As @Bike Jax says, I think that in this particular case they should spend the money in something more useful for lots of reasons. Maybe a good campaign in favour of bicycling despite the Oil Fever would be better. Another thing is what people doesn't want to realize is that right now in Dade County only 32% of the population speaks English (according to Wikipedia) and +50 speaks Spanish. (Almost 25% in Florida) So, if somebody wants to make changes has to campaign also in Spanish. I'm frustrated, I have to tell you that, I've been writing for almost three years about history and bicycle touring around the "Sunshine State" and I've done thousands of miles and stuff no one did before but there's a long way to go in order to make changes and to reach people. Make'em see all the advantages of removing their butts from the driver seats and putting it on a saddle and you'll see it happening...

  3. Bike Jax and Jefferson Aleman,

    I am one of the AECOM planning consultants working on this project and I wanted to thank you for your interest, if cautious at best, in our project and provide a few additional details which may alleviate some of your concerns.

    This project is merely a feasibility study to determine whether or not a trail like this is possible. The funding for the study is coming from a National Parks Service grant, with Miami-Dade County as the project administrator (rather than being funded by Miami-Dade County). One of the core objectives of the project is to find transportation alternatives (such as a trail, shuttle services, etc.) that alleviate some of the vehicular traffic going to and from the six (6) State or Federal Parks/Preserves along the ROGG corridor (hence the NPS funding).

    As a South Florida resident, I can attest to the need for additional inner-city bike routes and trails, and would encourage you to continue to lobby your local representatives regarding those issues. To find out more about the intent of this specific project, please check out the following websites, both of which allow and encourage open public comment. Please encourage your peers to "like" us on Facebook and you will receive automatic updates regarding this, and other similar initiatives.



  4. Read the plan look for transit. This ROGG they are calling a River Of Grass Green is going to kill 1000 of trees, Orchids, Plans, and goes over Sacred tribal grounds. there is over 100 of miles of bike paths. I know because I use them in the Everglades free without costing 150 mil. Why not put this in the city where it would make a difference and people could use it to get to work. Stop paving over paradise, and fix the problems in the Everglades do not introduce another 14 foot road that will stop the flow of water.

  5. Also they plan on building more parking lots, baths showers, for something that will only be used in the winter time. I walked the 75 miles, and now looking at each location. No this project will not happen. No we do not want more roads in the Everglades, No we do not want to spend 150 mil dollars to pave over 1000 of trees.

  6. ENP has 39 miles you can bike, Shark Valley, Holey Lands, Naples to Miami has a bike path this Sunday people used it, Collier, Fak has over 40 miles. At no cost, and killing of animals, trees.


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